Yeo Em Gee! They’re Yeoganic don’t you know…

A lovely guest blog from English Mum

So earlier this week I was up and about at some ungodly hour, puzzling as to where exactly the car park spaces were supposed to be under several inches of ice in a windswept train station car park.

Still, it got better, as when we got to Yeo Valley’s beautiful Organic Garden and tea room in Somerset, they’d got the log fire burning and tea and biccies laid out ready for us (homemade chocolate and mint – very yummy indeed).  The gardens look beautiful even in the winter.

As you might know, I work with Yeo Valley as an advocate, (along with Laura, who nearly missed her connecting train and managed to catch it by an ungainly sprint across the platform, hurling people out of her path as she went).  We work with them on new ideas, feeding back information from a consumer’s point of view, and basically loll around eating as much of their Yeogurt as possible. Yup, it’s a tough job.

the new look

This week, then, it was all about the new look.  Most of us already know that Yeo Valley’s farmers are British organic family farms, (which are more sustainable than intensive mass dairy production) but they really want to get that message across.  Let’s face it, they have SO much going for them: beautiful organically run farms in gorgeous Somerset, the stunning Organic Garden and tea room, amazingly committed staff and fantastic organic products too.

So in their quest to be ’100% Yeoganic’ (which is obviously much more than just ‘organic’) they’re going back to their roots, with fab new recipes, lovely new packaging and a gorgeous new website to match.  The Yeogurts have all had a ‘facelift’ too, with an amazing new… erm… bacterium or something (sorry, I was too busy eating Yeogurt during this bit) which is much creamier without being ‘fattier’.

My particular favourite was the  limited edition Yeogurt, with blackcurrant and a fragrant hit of elderflower.  Absolutely delicious.

There are also some brand new things… like the new Top Notch Yeogurts, with a layer of fruity conserve on the bottom.  The Sticky Fig & Honey is TO DIE FOR.

And there are new packs of pots and the cute new children’s Yeogurts, including Yeotubes with some fabulous cow jokes.  I think the smoothies are great for older children – they have bigger pots and more sophisticated flavours like Peach & Passion Fruit, and Mango & Pineapple.  You can take the outer carton off and inside you can cut out and build a 3D cow.

stuff to look out for

All this lovely new stuff is in the shops now. Probably my favourite pot of all is the classic Strawberry.

Whoever thought you could look at a pot of yogurt and think ‘wow, that’s pretty’, but it really is.

Thanks, as always, to the fabulous team at Yeo Valley, for endless tea, delicious grub, heowge amounts of Yeogurt, tons of laughs, and ‘Yeo Em Gee!’ those puns xx

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