how to get more wildlife into cities

Three architects’ firms have come up with some clever ideas to give birds, bees and bats new homes in central London.

The InMidTown Habitats competition has set the challenge to create simple wildlife habitats that can be installed across Holborn, Bloomsbury and St Giles – helping to make it the greenest part of the city and a lovelier place to work.

The firms have responded with ideas including ‘bee lifts’ (a beehive on top of a lamp post), origami-inspired bat boxes, and flat-pack beehives and planters.

You can see all the entries (from 51%, Jon Akers Coyle & Growth Industry and Archmongers & Buchanan Partnership) now in Unit 5, Central Saint Giles, London, WC2H until 17th April.

Have you done anything to attract wildlife at home or at work? Tell us below…

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