The Best of British

In celebration of all things British, guest blogger Cathy Winston says it’s time to indulge in some eccentric revelry. Here are a few of her favourite trademark traditions…

Unlikely festivals
Cheese rolling down a precipitously steep hill in Gloucestershire. Bog snorkelling in the murky waters near Llanwrtyd Wells. Egg throwing in the Lincolnshire village of Swaton. Worm charming in Devon. Mangold-hurling in Wiltshire. There’s even a gruelling 200-year-old festival where people roll 50kg beer barrels up a 1,000ft Shropshire hill. Only in Britain…

The perfect elevenses
Every Brit knows that a cup of tea can fix everything – especially if there’s a biscuit to go with it. In fact, we’re so particular about our biccies that scientists have studied the best ones to dunk and how long for (incidentally, the dunking winner is the chocolate digestive). This June sees the first British Biscuit Festival in London.

Excellence in queueing
It’s an art to be proud of – where else will people stand patiently in lines for everything from buses to rollercoasters? One theatre company in Coventry even celebrated the start of the Cultural Olympiad last July with a very long queue featuring around 2,000 people. And woe betide anyone who tried to push in. Tsk.

Pageantry & street parties.
Men in silly hats, centuries-old procession routes, carriages, crowns and official positions created when kings were still beheading their wives – yes, it might all be decades out of date, but when it comes to a traditional pageant, we’ve had years of practice. And if we’re not camping on Pall Mall for days to get the best vantage point, we’re stringing up bunting and baking scones for a street party.

And with over 10,000 street parties due to be held around the country, plus a whopping 14 miles of bunting going up alongside the Thames for the Jubilee pageant, will you be joining the thousands of Brits who are planning to get involved?

Tell us what you’ve got planned for a jubilant Jubilee…

Bog snorkelling photo by Susie Brown.

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