It’s sheep shearing time!

Our sheep have recently been relieved of their woolly winter coats! 195 sheep were sheared, including 3 rams but our lambs won’t be sheared until the end of the month. Although we sheared our sheep as planned, our shearer Alex told us that they are 2-3 weeks behind due to the wet weather.

All our sheep are sheared once a year and it takes about 60 seconds to shear the 1kg fleece. Shearing ensure that the sheep don’t overheat in the summer months and their fleeces don’t grown too long and drag in the ground.

Alex wears moccasins during the shearing. These give him more grip and manoeuvrability as the sheep can be pretty wriggly! Most of the control is achieved with the feet and the shearer needs to be able to get his toes underneath the sheep in order to position and manage it more easily. The soft leather shoes also ensure better balance and posture, putting less pressure on his back.

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