Flower Power

Tuesday 25th August 2020

Meet Tara, the florist based in the Yeo Organic Garden (YOG). We caught up with her to hear how her passion and love for floristry led her to our Organic Garden.

“I like to think of the world as if it were a giant blank canvas, and I like to think that the beauty in the world is a never-ending colour pallet. I have had the privilege to work with the best colour pallet there is – nature, in all its glory, a pallet full of hope and joy!

Tara gathering flowers from the YOG

15 or so years ago, I began my journey into the floral world. I skipped off to college with romantic aspirations of becoming a florist and spreading happiness through the assembly of beautiful flowers. Having realised that dream, I continue my journey through this profession; a profession built up by gestures of love, thoughtfulness and care for others and flowers have the ability to translate those gestures into a tangible thing.

Back in December, after a busy Christmas time creating a range of unique and imaginative arrangements and decorations for HQ, a little seed was planted. That little seed grew into a magical opportunity and I was invited to be the florist based at Yeo Organic Garden (YOG). I jumped at the chance to get involved, fuelled and energised by Yeo Valley’s uniqueness, ­creativity and ethos. Now you can find me with and enormous grin on my face, cutting and arranging British-grown, sustainable, and global footprint-friendly arrangements for visitors and YOG friends to take home & share.

It’s such a shame that 90% of flowers sold in the UK are flown in from around the world! But the flowers I work with at YOG travel but a few feet before they are arranged, and then continue their journey to you or your loved one’s home.

Flower arrangements in the Organic Garden

All of the flowers sold in ‘The Giftshop’ are hand-picked by myself from the garden and the surrounding fields and meadows  (there are many rules and considerations to be aware of when picking wild flowers and foliage. Make sure you are aware of these rules before you venture out. www.plantlife.org has a very useful website to point you in the right direction – please pick responsibly.)

Cecelia Ahern brilliantly said “A weed is just a flower growing in the wrong place.” and I couldn’t agree more! When cutting flowers for arrangements, I love to celebrate the unlikely heroes; seed pods, wonky stems, hedgerow stowaways, herbaceous squatters and misfits such as weeds and grasses, and vegetable garden treats. I then combine them with the glorious A-listers, the cutting garden favourites – creating a curious amalgam if you will.

I also love to push colour boundaries – I like to challenge preconceived theories on what should and shouldn’t be seen together. As far as I’m concerned, there are no rules – be spontaneous, be brave, and have fun!”

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