Q&A with Paul Collins, Yeo Valley Food Ambassador

Our Food Ambassador Paul Collins is not only a great chef, he’s also a dab hand when it comes to giving us tips and tricks that we can use in our one kitchens at home.

We asked you for your foodie questions for him, and you didn’t disappoint! Here are just a few of them:

I’ve been trying to eat less meat and have got lots of beans and pulses (chickpeas, kidney beans etc), any ideas for making them into tasty meals? Thanks!

Lentil Dahl is one of my favourite recipes, you can find a recipe here.

Apart from making soup from chicken bones, any ideas how to use the remainder of a roast chicken?

If there is sufficient meat left on the chicken, then strip it all off and make a lovely pie. If there is not enough for a pie, use it in salads, broths or sandwiches with home-made mayonnaise. You could still make the stock as that is always a welcome addition for a lunch dish, or you could use it in the sauce for your chicken pie.

I’ve got plain flour & self raising flour. When I’m thinking of making cakes, biscuits, or sponges, I’m never sure which flour to use ?

Plain flour would normally be used for pastry and cookies etc. and self-raising for muffins, cakes and scones.

I found an unopened packet of pearl barley in my larder, use by date 2015. Do you think it would be OK to cook it?

Pearl Barley that far out of date may be an issue as they could potentially have weevils. Look for any little black bugs in out of date flour, grains, or pulses. I would buy a new one and perhaps use the out of date bag as a baking beans substitute.

Can you suggest some creative savoury meals using yogurt please?

We have just filmed some new recipes to show all the ways you can use our natural yogurt. You can find those here.

In addition to those recipes, you could also use yogurt in a dressing with tahini, lime, and chilli. Using it in sauces per se is a little difficult as it will separate when cooking. It is always nice to add yogurt to a dish right before you serve it such as in a curry or a braised dish with lamb (great at this time of year). Why not add in a bit of fresh mint to our Natural or Greek Style Yogurts to add a bit of zing to your dish!

What is Sauce Paloise?

Sauce Paloise is a derivative of Hollandaise/Béarnaise sauce. If you know how to make Hollandaise then you can make Béarnaise the same way. The reduction would be different as it has tarragon and chervil, but now i’m splitting hairs! In essence, sauce Paloise is Béarnaise, but instead of putting in tarragon and chervil, you add in chopped mint

Is it possible to make vegetable stock from my left over veggies to make them go further?

Making veg stock from leftover cooked vegetables is not a good idea as you will have basically taken out all of the goodness and they will not impart that lovely fresh vegetable essence when you make a vegetable stock from scratch. My advice is to make it into a tasty bubble and squeak. An even easier recipe is a nice vegetable soup, finished with lashings of creme fraiche – Yeo Valley of course!

How do you make a naan bread?

We don’t have a specific naan bread recipe at Yeo, but we do make a lovely flatbread made with yogurt. The naan essentially is a flat bread that is made with yeast. Here is the recipe for our flatbread.


If you’ve got any questions for Paul, email us at hello@yeovalley.co.uk and your question might be in our next video!

Comments on “Q&A with Paul Collins, Yeo Valley Food Ambassador”

  • Amazing very interesting and I will be using one of those recipes for dinner tomorrow

    Martha on 7th April 2020 at 8:14 pm

  • Excellent advice and ideas!

    Jackie on 7th April 2020 at 6:38 pm

  • We come to Yeo valley demo
    Days and always enjoy

    Paul demonstrations my daughter and myself have changed the way we shop especially the last Demo about the kedgere my husbands favourite (rice)
    We will now on use the alternative.
    Hope to return soon
    You are all marvellous
    See you soon
    Anne Clark

    Anne C lark on 7th April 2020 at 6:17 pm

  • Left over chicken is perfect in a risotto, you don’t need much and can add any vegetables you’ve got in the fridge, leek,s sugar snaps, sweet corn, mushrooms, whatever is available.

    Kerry on 7th April 2020 at 4:43 pm

  • All interesting especially making use of yogurt.

    Pamela on 7th April 2020 at 11:23 am

  • Some great ideas! Thank you

    Margaret on 7th April 2020 at 8:05 am

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