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We get lots of questions here at Yeo Valley. So many, in fact, that we thought it might be handy to put the ones we hear most often, all in one place. And that place is here.

Yeokens FAQs

  • General
    • When does Yeokens finish?

      Yeokens is a rolling scheme, like many others of this type, and there is no set closing date. However, all codes must be entered within six months of the “use by” date of the product, otherwise they will expire.

      Before Yeokens closes, we will give you at least three months’ notice by email and online, and explain how and when to spend your Yeokens.

    • How many different ways are there to spend your Yeokens?

      You can spend your Yeokens in eight ways:

      1. Events in the Valley
      2. Yeo Valley goodies
      3. Offers from our friends
      4. Great stuff to do at home
      5. Sit back, relax & read
      6. Trips and treats
      7. Charity donations
      8. Monthly raffle

      You can find out more here.

    • How do I claim an offer?

      Once you’ve banked enough Yeokens, swap them for the offer of your choice.

      A message will appear on your screen asking for any further details required (i.e. delivery address, if we need to post your offer out to you).

      You will receive a confirmation message on your screen when your claim has been successful, along with an email confirmation.

  • Codes
    • My code is invalid, how do I enter it?

      Please check to ensure that you have entered your code correctly – all Yeokens codes contain letters only, to make it easier for you to enter them on tablets and smartphones, and they are 14 letters long. All codes will contain one of the following letters: C, E, F, H, K, L, M, P, R, T, W, X, Y, Z – no other letters will be used.

      If you still can’t enter it, send an email to with a photo of your code and we will help you.

    • Where on the pack do I find my code?

      The position of the code depends on the product. Each pack will clearly indicate where you can find your code:

      Yogurt Pots: underneath the lid
      Yogurt 4-Packs: on the reverse of the sleeve
      Little Yeos 4-Packs: on the reverse of the sleeve
      Little Yeos 6-Packs: on the reverse of the sleeve
      1 Litre Milk: on the reverse of the label
      2 Litre Milk: on the reverse of the label
      Creme Fraiche / Soured Cream: underneath the lid
      Ice Cream: underneath the lid
      Compote: underneath the lid
      Butter: underneath the fold
      Spreadable: on the seal under the lid
      Super Thick Kerned: underneath the lid
      Frozen Kefir: underneath the lid
      Cheese: on the reverse of the label on the back
    • How do I enter my codes?

      Go to the Yeokens homepage and hit ‘Enter a Code’, which can be found in the menu at the top of the page or in the page header.

      A drop down will appear where you can enter your codes. Remember to hit the ‘Bank Codes’ button to bank the codes you’ve entered.

      If you want to enter more codes than there’s space for on your screen, just click ‘I still have more codes’ and more fields will appear.

      Once you’re done click the ‘All done?’ button and you’ll return to the Yeokens homepage.

    • My code is illegible or missing

      If your pack has the Yeokens rosette on the front but there is no code, or it is difficult to read please contact us at and we will send you a substitute code or add the Yeokens for you.

If you have a question, and it’s not answered here, do get in touch. It’s always lovely to hear from you.

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