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Start 2022 the Sustainable Way

We held our virtual event on the 18th of January but if you missed it don’t worry!

You can find a recording of the event on this page plus more information on how we can all make a few more sustainable choices in 2022.

Watch the event

Watch the event

If you missed our virtual event, don’t worry because you can watch it again right here!

Watch our panellists as they discuss sustainability and provide helpful information on making small, sustainable changes in the new year.

It's Regenuary!

It's Regenuary!

‘Regenuary’ is the latest buzzword but what does it mean and what does it have to do with sustainability?

Writer (and panellist at our virtual event) Lizzie Rivera tells us more…

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Want some Inspiration?

Planting Sweet Peas at the Yeo Valley Organic garden

Want some Inspiration?

Small positive acts can make a big difference to the planet so we’ve asked our 4 panellists for their top tips on a few small changes to inspire us this year!

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Who are the Panellists?

Lizzie Rivera, Founder of Live Frankly

Lizzie Rivera

Lizzie Rivera, Founder of Live Frankly

Lizzie is the founder of Live Frankly, a lifestyle website that focuses on cutting through the noise around sustainability. Live Frankly helps their fast-growing community to become empowered citizens with inspiring content and by directing them to brands who are genuinely working to make a positive impact through an environmental and/or social purpose.

Lizzie brings a decade’s worth of journalism experience with her; and she still regularly writes for the Independent. Lizzie hopes to speed up change through conversation. She believes inspiring purchasing behavioural change is just one way we can help businesses to challenge the status quo and level the playing field for more environmental and social action.

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Lucy Williamson, Nutritionist

nutritionist Lucy Williamson working with Yeo Valley Organic

Lucy Williamson, Nutritionist

Award winning nutritionist, Lucy Williamson, will be providing her thoughts on sustainable nutrition and how it all begins with healthy soil, so that crops, animals, our own health, and nature thrive together. Lucy champions British farmers and food providers, building meaningful connections back to real food. Through communicating clear and practical nutrition advice, Lucy advises on achieving sustainable health and wellness using real functional foods and simple lifestyle changes.

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Kalkidan Legesse, Founder of Sancho’s and Shwap Circular Fashion

Kalkidan Legesse

Kalkidan Legesse, Founder of Sancho’s and Shwap Circular Fashion

Kalkidan is a social entrepreneur who creates businesses aimed at doing social good.

In 2015 she founded Sancho’s Shop; a marketplace of ethical brands, operating as one of the largest solely ethical and sustainable fashion retailers in the United Kingdom. In 2021 she has launched Shwap, a digital resale platform for sustainable fashion brands. Shwap facilitates circularity by enabling retailers of all sizes to manage and monetise the life span of products they sell . Shwap’s mission is give retailers the tools to be more environmentally and financially sustainable. To navigate changing consumer trends and the growing need to adopt Net Zero practices.

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Tom White, Yeo Valley’s Technical Coordinator (AKA Soil Expert)

Tom White - Yeo Valley soil expert

Tom White, Yeo Valley’s Technical Coordinator (AKA Soil Expert)

Did you know that 95% of our food is derived directly or indirectly from soil?*

Tom White is part of Yeo Valley’s agriculture team, who recently helped to launch the £2m Carbon Soil Project with our supplying organic dairy farms and recently concluded the five-year soil carbon testing pilot at Yeo Valley Organic’s own farm in Somerset.
At Yeo Valley Organic, carbon sequestration in soil through regenerative organic farming offers enormous potential to reduce atmospheric carbon levels, as we can draw down carbon into our land and soil. We passionately believe that the solution lies within our soils to capture carbon in the battle against climate change.


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