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A Healthier Yeo

Here in the Valley we know just how important it is for you and your family to lead a healthy, balanced lifestyle – but we also know that making that happen can be easier said than done. For starters, we definitely don’t want to feel guilty for sipping a cheeky glass of wine at the end of a long day or enjoying a slice of cake on a drizzly afternoon. This is where our new Bio Live range comes in – it’s perfect when you want a guilt-free pick-me-up and is packed with everything you and your family need to feel tip-top.

A Healthier Yeo

What is Yeo

Bio Live

Organic yogurt + live cultures + no added refined sugar

  • Low Fat
  • 100% British Milk
  • Nothing Artificial

Think outside the pot

We’ve got a whole load of tasty, healthy recipes for you to try out, from beautiful Bircher muesli to tea smoked trout.

Get inspired

Top Tip

Walking briskly to work releases endorphins that’ll help you feel great all day.

Tip from Matthew at Yeo Valley HQ

Get Active With Yeo-ga

The gang here in the Valley have been getting back to nature with a little outdoor Yeo-ga practice. Take a look at our video to find out more.

Watch the video
Check out our guide to our favourite Yeo-ga positions

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