What are we doing to help…

Supporting British family farms

We support dozens of British family farms by buying their milk through The Organic Milk Suppliers Co-operative (OMSCo), and using it – in addition to milk from our own herd – for all the tasty things we make.

We helped to form OMSCo back in 1994 after The Milk Marketing Board, which bought all the milk in Britain, was broken up. Suddenly it was up to the farmers to find new buyers for their milk. So, Mary and Tim got talking with a handful of local organic farms about pooling their milk together so we could buy lots of it to make our Yeogurt – and OMSCo was born.

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Farming the Yeoganic way

Could we really farm here forever? We hope so. Over the years, we’ve worked to develop an organic, sustainable way of farming that we call ‘100% Yeoganic’ – which means we’re organic and a little bit more. We go the extra country mile to keep our land and livestock healthy. The results? Healthy, organic milk for you and land that will hopefully support our farm forever.

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Encouraging tomorrow’s dairy farmers

As a career choice, dairy farming isn’t everyone’s cup of tea – but the future of British farming depends on the next generation coming through. That’s why we’re steadily educating people of all ages about farming, gardening and generally doing things the right way.

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