Primary Schools

Many children are not sure about where their food comes from and how it’s produced, so we’d like to invite your school to learn a bit more about them – either at your school or here overlooking the valley.

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Primary Schools


At the moment we do two assemblies in nearby schools, between October and March:

  • 1. Where does your breakfast come from?
  • 2. The countryside code

Both assemblies are hosted by the brilliant Les Davies MBE. He used to be senior warden of the Mendip Hills. The assemblies are a mix of presentation and video, question and answers and various activities – very entertaining, and there’s a lot to learn about. You can follow up these assemblies with a visit to our farm if you want to.


Farm Visits

We work with our friends FarmLink to offer some free activities that you can do at our farm classroom, Wills Barn, here overlooking the valley, or in our eco hut on top of the Mendips, between March and October. All of them are linked to the KS1 or KS2 curriculum.

  • Romans:

    exploring how the Romans lived here on the Mendips.
  • Lunchbox:

    why it’s important to eat a balanced diet.
  • Food Miles:

    how food reaches us and the energy it takes.
  • Hedges:

    why hedges are important and what lives in them.
  • Trees:

    how trees grow and why they’re important.
  • Maps and Compasses:

    how to read a map and use a compass.
  • Habitats:

    everything alive needs its own place to live.
  • Minibeasts:

    what they are, where they live and how we can look after them.
  • Seeds and Growth:

    how seeds are dispersed and grow.
  • Rocks and Soil:

    how soil is made partly of rocks and why it needs looking after.

Want to know more?

If you’re thinking of enrolling for a session at our Yeoniversity,
just pop some details in the form here and we’ll get in touch to discuss the details.

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