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  1. The Barn Owl Trust

    185822 yeokens
  2. Julian House

    170207 yeokens
  3. The Harvey Hext Trust

    89934 yeokens


Julian House

Originally set up to provide homeless people with food and shelter, Julian House now runs a range of services that support and empower those in need. Projects include work experience and training schemes and addiction recovery programmes.

The Barn Owl Trust

The Barn Owl Trust is a small national charity working to conserve the increasingly rare barn owl. Based on the edge of Dartmoor, they undertake a huge amount of practical conservation work to encourage and protect these magnificent birds.

The Harvey Hext Trust

This charity creates beautiful, bespoke memory boxes for children who have lost a sibling. The high-quality wooden boxes can be designed by the child and are a simple yet effective way of helping children to cope with the loss of a brother or sister.


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Last quarters winner


Crisis is the national charity for single homeless people, dedicated to ending homelessness by helping to deliver life-changing services. It is committed to changing the way society thinks and acts towards homeless people.