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  1. The Royal Marsden

    119209 yeokens
  2. PROMISEworks

    65631 yeokens
  3. Bath Foodbank

    58931 yeokens


Bath Foodbank

This vital service provides support and three days’ worth of nutritionally balanced food to local people who are referred to them in crisis. Part of a nationwide network of foodbanks, they work to combat poverty and hunger in their community.


PROMISEworks supports a team of trained volunteers who mentor vulnerable young people throughout Somerset. Their work makes a huge difference to the lives of disadvantaged youngsters, helping to keep them safe, boost their self-esteem and broaden their horizons.

The Royal Marsden

When it first opened in 1851, The Royal Marsden was the world’s first hospital dedicated to cancer treatment. Today, it has an international reputation for ground-breaking research and treats over 50,000 NHS and private patients every year.


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Last quarters winner

Dog A.I.D

This charity helps people with physical disabilities to train their own pets to become assistance dogs. Once trained, dogs help their owners with many simple tasks around the home, as well as giving reassurance, confidence and independence.