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  1. Dog A.I.D

    177461 yeokens
  2. The People’s Kitchen

    135289 yeokens
  3. Above and Beyond

    77473 yeokens


Above and Beyond

Above & Beyond raises vital funds for Bristol city centre hospitals. Donations help to fund innovative research, support staff training and development, pay for state of the art equipment and create welcoming environments for patients and visitors.

Dog A.I.D

This charity helps people with physical disabilities to train their own pets to become assistance dogs. Once trained, dogs help their owners with many simple tasks around the home, as well as giving reassurance, confidence and independence.

The People’s Kitchen

Founded in 1985 as a soup kitchen, this charity aims to improve the lives of homeless people in Newcastle. They provide professional help with physical and mental health problems as well as hot meals, sleeping bags, warm clothes and friendship.


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NOTE: To be eligible for our Yeokens donations scheme, your chosen charity should:

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Last quarters winner

The Barn Owl Trust

The Barn Owl Trust is a small national charity working to conserve the increasingly rare barn owl. Based on the edge of Dartmoor, they undertake a huge amount of practical conservation work to encourage and protect these magnificent birds.