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  1. Teapot Trust

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  2. Community Heartbeat Trust

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  3. Chew Valley Arts

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Chew Valley Arts

Help to raise funds for a new performing arts centre in the Chew Valley. The specially designed centre will be decked out with a 250-seat auditorium, rehearsal rooms, dance studio, café/bar and exhibition space. Providing a new space that will encourage arts, drama, music and media in the area, as well pulling in visiting professionals, it’s a really worthy local cause.

Community Heartbeat Trust

The Community Heartbeat Trust helps to kit out local communities with life-saving defibrillators. Recognised by ambulance services, councils, community groups and sports governing bodies as the gold standard, they’re passionate about making sure these vital medical devices are available where they’re needed.

Teapot Trust

Children’s charity The Teapot Trust uses art therapy to improve the lives of young people with long-term medical problems. Chronic illness can cause anxiety and emotional problems for children, but by helping them to express themselves through art, The Teapot Trust works hard to improve their lives.


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Last quarters winner

The Royal Marsden

When it first opened in 1851, The Royal Marsden was the world’s first hospital dedicated to cancer treatment. Today, it has an international reputation for ground-breaking research and treats over 50,000 NHS and private patients every year.