Yeo Valley Organic Spreadable Butter

Organic Spreadable Butter

We make our organic butter with 100% British milk, a pinch of salt and a bit of organic rapeseed oil to make it spreadable straight from the fridge.

Suitable for freezing.


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Customer Reviews


Thumbs up for this, as with all Yeo Valley products. I enjoy this butter very much and am able to purchase mine at my local Sainsburys. I am a vigilant recycler so 5 stars here ! Thankyou Yeo Valley.

Healthy foodie, Nature lover

Tried it recently and instantly hooked.

David Marvin
Nature lover

Why change something good that works? I can’t taste the butter in this any more. It didn’t matter that in the old recipe you had to leave it out of the fridge for a bit to allow it to soften because it was the flavour that mattered. Those of us who eat butter aren’t too worried about saturated or unsaturated fats! The higher percentage of butter and the small amount of sunflower oil was perfect. I would have willingly paid more for this spread just to keep it as it was.

Hilary Murray
Nature lover

Used to be a great taste and consistency. Now TERRIBLE.

Simon Spooner
Keen cook

This has been our go to spread for many years nothing else is quite the same.

Louise Hall
Healthy foodie, Outdoorsy sort

I love it. I didn’t find it in my local (small) supermarket until a few months ago, but I fell for it at once. I like the flavour and creaminess, and it spreads well. Terrific!

J E S Bradshaw
Healthy foodie, Nature lover, Outdoorsy sort

Would love to by, but where can I buy the small size tub (250g) all the supermarkets only have large 500g which is not what single households want.

Unhappy Buttery & Spreadable lover
Sweet tooth

I do not buy this any more as I do not like rapeseed oil – do you still please use olive oil?

Elizabeth Wilson
Healthy foodie, Nature lover

Why use rapeseed oil ? It ruins the taste of the butter. We even tried Lurpak as it says Olive oil on the side of pack but it has 15% olive oil and 15% rapeseed oil. Rapeseed is cattle feed.

Michael Lythgo
Healthy foodie, Nature lover, Outdoorsy sort

Excellent product. Best British butter you can get. Organic with no nasties!

Amanda b
Baking fiend, Healthy foodie, Keen cook, Sweet tooth

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