yeo valley organic butter ready to spread

Buttery & Spreadable

We make our organic butter with 100% British milk, a pinch of salt and a bit of organic rapeseed oil to make its spreadable straight from the fridge.

Suitable for freezing.


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Customer Reviews


Used to love this butter but very disappointed with the new recipe. Won’t be buying it again.


We have bought this for years really do not like the new recipe at all completely changes the taste. Doesn’t taste of butter & looks like cheap margarine. Will finish this tub and look for alternative.

Jacky Shirley
Fitness fiend

Very disappointed. Have bought this for years, but the new recipe does not taste like butter! Reducing the butter content from 62.5% to 54% and replacing sunflower oil with rapeseed was a mistake. This is a cheaper product at the same price.

Zoe Torr
Healthy foodie, Nature lover, Outdoorsy sort

Why have you added rapeseed oil to this product. I cannot eat anything with rapeseed oil. Your original product was the only one i could use as every other spreadable had rapeseed Or palm oil. I have just opened a new one and realised it now has rapeseed. So i niw will have to find a different product. I am very unhappy.

Lynn jones
Healthy foodie

Very disappointed with the new recipe – smaller proportion of butter and rapeseed oil substituting sunflower oil. We avoid rapeseed oil so will not be purchasing anymore.

Baking fiend, Healthy foodie, Keen cook, Outdoorsy sort

I shall not be buying your product any more after many years. I object to being force fed rapeseed oil.

Chris Wishart
Nature lover

What have you done, new recipe is awful! Tastes like margarine, greasy. 2 tubs a week to none.

Adam Symonds
Baking fiend, Fitness fiend, Healthy foodie, Keen cook, Nature lover, Outdoorsy sort, Parent with tots, Sweet tooth

I always used Yeo spreadable butter because it did not contain rapeseed oil. I have an intolerance to rapeseed oil and find it almost a fulltime job finding food that does not contain it. Very disappointed you are now a brand I have to avoid.

Healthy foodie, Keen cook, Nature lover

Very disappointed in how this product has been ”improved”. Lost it’s buttery flavour & has more plastic in packaging .

Liz Curd
Healthy foodie

I loved this product, but unfortunately I had a serve reaction hadn’t realised you now have added rapeseed oil to it, very disappointed as I loved it sorry won’t be buying this again 0

Christine Neumann
Healthy foodie, Keen cook, Nature lover, Outdoorsy sort, Parent with tots

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