Well what is life, if you can't get a little fruity every now and then?

Have you tried our Lemon Curd?

Lemoncurd yogurt 450g pot lifestyle

Have you tried our Lemon Curd?

We think creamy yogurt and sweet but tangy lemon curd is a match made in heaven, so if you fancy a treat, pop down to the shops to pick up a pot of this ambrosia!


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Have you tried our Lemoncurd?
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It's Kef-here! This creamy, tangy yogurt is packed with loads of live cultures from 14 different strains... we've got a gut feeling that you'll love it!

Natural Top

A deliciously fruity base with a generous layer of indulgently thick Greek Style natural yogurt on top. You can eat one layer at a time, dip into both or even swirl them together...

Little Yeos Big Pots

New BIG pots of our organic fromage frais - perfect for weaning or in your favourite recipe and loved by bigger kids too!

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