Summer Fruits

Summer in a pot: organic strawberries, raspberries, redcurrants and cherries, all juicy and sweet. It does great things for cheesecakes, pavlovas, Eton Mess and all the rest, but there’s no reason to restrict it to puddings – on a chilly morning it’ll perk up a bowl of porridge very happily.

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Customer Reviews


This is too good to be true. Delicious juicy fruit oozing with flavour. Summer in a pot every day of the year and all three generations of my family just love it. It looks gorgeous, tastes divine and there is never enough. Have it with custard (Eliška’s favourite). Try it with natural yoghurt (Dad’s favourite) or just have a huge bowl of it by itself (Luke’s favourite).

Sharon Elliott
Healthy foodie, Keen cook, Nature lover

I use this product when I make a special trifle with a swiss roll, Yeo valley cream and flaked almonds. It is delicious

Heather Lee
Nature lover, Outdoorsy sort

Your yoghurts are a perfect end to any meal.

Nature lover

Very light and very summary, and very healthy. I like to eat every morning with my porridge. I would recommend to everyone who likes summary test, just go for it.

Healthy foodie, Nature lover

I try to eat healthy so this is healthy alternitive to yogurt , lovely pudding ,a healthy and tasty treat

Fleur Everall
Healthy foodie, Nature lover, Outdoorsy sort, Sweet tooth

Really useful product. Great on icecream or in pancakes. My partner especially likes it on his porridge. I mix it with stewed apple too for a lovely crumble.

rachel barrett
Keen cook

So fresh tasting, like a burst of sun
Shine with my breakfast oats and yogurt. Fabulous on toast or toasted tea cakes. I mix it with less expensive fruits to make a summer pudding!

Elaine Hambleton
Healthy foodie, Sweet tooth

Perfect on top of Ice cream for a quick desert or equally on my porridge you can use ” from morning to night ” or breakfast to supper”

Fab product.

Heather Jackson
Keen cook, Sweet tooth

Yeo just got to taste it! its valley valley nice.

Healthy foodie, Keen cook, Nature lover

The taste of summer!
Absolutely delicious; a burst of soft red fruit jammy flavours.
A big hit with all of the family; yummy with yogurts, granola, swanky looking “cheats” pavlovas, ice cream treats for the kids and sneaky sweet spoonfuls straight from the fridge.

Emma Plumbe
Healthy foodie, Outdoorsy sort, Parent with tots, Sweet tooth

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