Creme Fraiche

We’re very at home with crème fraîche – it’s cream with some friendly bacteria introduced to it, similar to how we make our yogurt. It has only half the fat that a crème fraîche would ordinarily have, but you’d never know! So go on and have another dollop!

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need full fat creme fraiche, its a healthier option with fats that that the body can digest better. works better in recipes too!
backed up by some research too..

10 Reasons Why Low Fat is NOT High Nutrition

Healthy foodie, Nature lover

Well it’s creamy like nice thick yoghurt (such as Total Greek 10% fat yoghurt – made with added cream), but definitely not like full-fat creme fraiche, which is even creamer. The French Isigny one is sumptuous. I prefer a little of the full-fat version, but happy to eat a tangier half-fat Yeo Valley one with hot apple pie.

Alice Saville
Nature lover

Please! Is there any news on the arrival of full fat creme fraiche?! The low fat versions don’t hold together in sauces! Also we want to eat as naturally as possible so full fat versions are the option we choose!

Caroline Gill
Healthy foodie, Keen cook, Outdoorsy sort

The new low fat Creme Fraiche does not work in cooking anymore, it is thin like yoghurt and if I wanted to use yoghurt I would buy yoghurt. Please change it back to full fat recipe or I will not be able to use it anymore.

C. Kelly
Healthy foodie, Keen cook, Nature lover, Outdoorsy sort

the full fat creme fraiche and sour cream which were both excellent in cooking.
The low fat versions both separate in sauces.

Baking fiend, Keen cook, Nature lover, Sweet tooth

I use Crème Fraiche most days in Wraps. I tried both Yeo versions but the taste didn’t work. A mini wrap, thin spread of Hoisin, 2 tablespoons of Crème Fraiche, a good sprinkling of fine diced red peppers, a thin slice of pickled cucumber and then a small drizzle of Plum Sauce. The flavours should just mix, melt and delight. Unfortunately the Yeo just soured it all. But don’t worry I loved it in my Crepe Noir!!!! Fine diced onion, lardons (diced ham) and sliced Saucisson/frankfurter/diced bacon fried gently. Then take off the heat and pour in the Creme Fraiche and stir in. Give the mix a minute or two to warm the Crème Fraiche and then pour onto the crepe and fold. A 10 min recipe.

John Robertson
Healthy foodie, Sweet tooth

This is my favourite – lovely on fresh fruit especially strawberries and raspberries. Delicious also on fruit pies.

Marie potter
Outdoorsy sort

I often use creme fraiche in cooking and have usually bought several brands and been happy with them. Recently I bought the Yoevalley option and it truly is amazing. It tastes rich and creamy but doesn’t have the calories or the cholesterol worries. I added it to a prawn curry and it blended beautifully – no separation or curdling. Highly recommended.

Dawn Berry
Healthy foodie, Keen cook, Nature lover, Outdoorsy sort

It is no longer strawberries and cream it is strawberries and Yeo cremefraiche!

Bruce Mumford
Nature lover, Outdoorsy sort

First time trying Yeo Crème Fraiche for a frozen biscuit cheesecake and the results were fantastic – best flavour and taste ever! am so going to be using this for our next dessert tryout too!

bev morgan
Sweet tooth

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