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Single Cream
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My wife and I think this is a really excellent cream, AND IT IS BRITISH

By Keith Meadows - Keen cook / Sweet tooth
June 18, 2016


Best cream I have ever had!

By Bethany Walker - Baking fiend / Fitness fiend / Healthy foodie / Keen cook / Nature lover / Outdoorsy sort / Sweet tooth
March 24, 2016


I buy Yeo valley Cream almost every week. I buy both the single cream and the double, depending on the menu for that week. I love the taste it is much tastier than some of the bland non organic cream on the market.

It is organic, I can buy it at a fantastic price and it is a quality product.

By Rosie - Baking fiend / Healthy foodie / Keen cook
May 25, 2015


I love the Yeo organic range. I buy the single cream to pour over strawberries and raspberries all year round and the double cream I buy for those of us who like their cream whipped.

By Mrs Farr - Healthy foodie / Nature lover / Parent with tots
May 16, 2015