Organic Single Cream

Our single cream flows deliciously out of the pot, bringing a richness and lushness to anything from a bowl of strawberries to a pan of homemade soup.

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Customer Reviews


Agree with previous reviewer, great product but not finding in any stores! 🙁

Baking fiend, Healthy foodie, Nature lover, Sweet tooth

Lovely….but finding it hard to get as most of my local supermarkets (including Ocado) only stock the double cream.

J. G.
Healthy foodie, Nature lover

My wife and I think this is a really excellent cream, AND IT IS BRITISH

Keith Meadows
Keen cook, Sweet tooth

Best cream I have ever had!

Bethany Walker
Baking fiend, Fitness fiend, Healthy foodie, Keen cook, Nature lover, Outdoorsy sort, Sweet tooth

I buy Yeo valley Cream almost every week. I buy both the single cream and the double, depending on the menu for that week. I love the taste it is much tastier than some of the bland non organic cream on the market.

It is organic, I can buy it at a fantastic price and it is a quality product.

Baking fiend, Healthy foodie, Keen cook

I love the Yeo organic range. I buy the single cream to pour over strawberries and raspberries all year round and the double cream I buy for those of us who like their cream whipped.

Mrs Farr
Healthy foodie, Nature lover, Parent with tots

Without a doubt this is one of the best single creams I’ve ever tasted with English grown strawberries. My little girls can’t get enough of it after their dinner.

Daisy Mae
Healthy foodie, Nature lover, Parent with tots, Sweet tooth


Erdora=Margareta Cuc
Baking fiend, Fitness fiend, Healthy foodie, Keen cook, Nature lover

There are few things in life as good as really great cream! The perfect accompaniment to a dessert or the key component in the making of a recipe, Yeo Vally’s single cream hits the spot perfectly!

Awesome on my wife’s chocolate brownies…….

Andrew Banks
Parent with tots

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