Yeo Valley Organic raspberry flavoured milk

Organic Raspberry Flavoured Milk

Give our natural tasting, fruity and smooth organic Raspberry flavoured milk a try!
Made with milk from free range cows, our raspberry milk is high in protein and a source of calcium with no artificial sweeteners, flavours or colours.

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Customer Reviews


No taste of any type of berry. Not good

Muhammad Umar Qureshi
Sweet tooth

ok milkshake but tastes strange and not much of a raspberry taste. also leaves strange residue in glass.

Sweet tooth

Er no, this is awful, tastes like something they would wash your mouth out with at the dentist

Sarah Hart
Fitness fiend

Very disappointed!..Lacking in any real flavour. Barely a hint of raspberry…
And no Yeoken points!
Not worth the price.

Nature lover

So disappointed. No flavour to this at all. Nowhere near yeos normal standard. Bland and tasteless

Nature lover

Myself and my little boy love this raspberry milk and I’m happy that it’s made from organic milk and low on sugar but still taste amazing! Great all round! Highly recommend it 🙂

Parent with tots

I love Yeo valley products and was really excited to try this. However I was thoroughly disappointed by it. I don’t know how it made it through any taste tests. It tastes very synthetic and chemically. It is not fruity and creamy as I expected it to be. A complete waste of money

Parent with tots

The flavour is amazing. I love raspberry flavour of anything so finding this product was amazing for me and it being organic. I recommend highly.

Michelle Mcarthur
Healthy foodie, Nature lover, Sweet tooth

A very nice light Raspberry Milk.
Great taste and would highly recommend

Nature lover

This tastes exactly as it says raspberry flavoured milk it’s not too sweet just right. It’s not sickly sticky sweet flavour you get from milkshakes which I find can leave me needing water to wash it down it’s got a gentle raspberry taste added to their lovely milk. Considering I have a sweet tooth I like it very much it even tastes good added to hot chocolate to add flavour.

Nature lover, Sweet tooth

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