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On nearly every pack of Yeo Valley you buy there’s a special code which you can redeem online for Yeokens.

You can then spend your Yeokens on goodies, discounts and days out, or use them to play games and win prizes.

What are the benefits

Incredible goodies and discounts from our friends

Get discounts on cool stuff made by our friends, from delicious organic food and drink to clothing, skincare… the list goes on!

Access to amazing events at the Valley

Fancy a free annual pass for our organic garden? Or money off one of our brilliant events? It’s all possible with Yeokens.

Play games and raffles for the chance to win great prizes

Why not give our Dairy-Go-Round a spin, or chance your arm with our monthly Raffle, where every token you spend is a new chance to win?

...and you can also use Yeokens to donate to charity

Donate your Yeokens to one of the wonderful, worthy causes on our site and feel good knowing you’ve done a good deed for the day!

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