Donate Your Yeokens

Why not use your Yeokens to raise money for good causes? Simply use them to vote for the charity of your choice and we’ll reward each one with a lump sum.

Our latest charities...

We choose three different charities each quarter to donate to. Got a good cause you think we should know about? Let us know by nominating them!

Nominate Your Favourite Charity

NOTE: To be eligible for our Yeokens donations scheme, your chosen charity should:

  • Be local, rather than national or international.
  • Have similar values to Yeo Valley in some way (food, farming or family charities would be perfect).

Newcastle Vision Support

Founded in 1867, Newcastle Vision Support is an independent charity that serves over 1,000 visually impaired people in Newcastle and the surrounding area. They do vital work helping visually impaired people become or remain independent, while feeling part of and involved in the local community. Through their learning activities, empowerment work and social groups, they give brilliant practical and emotional support to those who need them.

Red Squirrel South West

Once the most common squirrel in the UK, the red squirrel is now under threat, largely because of the introduction of the non-native, invasive, grey squirrel from North America. Red Squirrel South West are on a mission to raise awareness about the declining red squirrel population and help create a new generation of red squirrel allies, keen to fix our native biodiversity.

Clinks Care Farm

Clinks Care Farm manages to combine caring for the land with caring for people. Helping out on a farm in a rural setting can have hugely positive effects on mental and physical health, and Clinks Care Farm offers an opportunity for disadvantaged people to engage in meaningful activity, and learn new skills, in a supportive, social environment.

Charity leaderboard

Donate as many Yeokens as you like to the pot for each charity. Every three months we’ll give £1,500 to the one with the most Yeokens and £1,000 to the other two.

  1. Clinks Care Farm

    245,312 yeokens

  2. Red Squirrel South West

    238,879 yeokens

  3. Newcastle Vision Support

    135,878 yeokens

Last quarter's donations

Thanks to everyone who donated their Yeokens! The charity with the most donations was…

The Henfield Haven

775,486 yeokens

Baby Bank Network

538,767 yeokens

Cumbria Action for Sustainability

473,642 yeokens


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