Donate Your Yeokens

Why not use your Yeokens to raise money for good causes? Simply use them to vote for the charity of your choice and we’ll reward each one with a lump sum.

Our latest charities...

We choose three different charities each quarter to donate to. Got a good cause you think we should know about? Let us know by nominating them!

Nominate Your Favourite Charity

NOTE: To be eligible for our Yeokens donations scheme, your chosen charity should:

  • Be local, rather than national or international.
  • Have similar values to Yeo Valley in some way (food, farming or family charities would be perfect).

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People

The dedicated people at Hearing Dogs train clever canines to help deaf people in all sorts of ways. They’ll respond to important sounds such as alarms and doorbells, and also provide support beyond safety and health, often reconnecting them with life and bringing valuable companionship. They’ve been helping people since 1982 and have over 900 dogs currently working in the UK.

Trees for Life

The pinewoods of Scotland’s Caledonian Forest make up one of Britain’s most spectacular and historic landscapes. Trees for Life is dedicated to preserving this ancient wilderness, by promoting natural regeneration, planting seedlings and removing non-native trees, in the process restoring an essential habitat for a wide variety of flora and fauna.

The Maypole Project

The Maypole Project looks after children and young people with complex medical needs and disabilities. It focuses on their mental and physical well-being and also supports their families, carers and professionals, as well as educating the general public about emotional support.

Charity leaderboard

Donate as many Yeokens as you like to the pot for each charity. Every three months we’ll give £1,500 to the one with the most Yeokens and £1,000 to the other two.

  1. Hearing Dogs for Deaf People

    441,747 yeokens

  2. Trees for Life

    374,017 yeokens

  3. The Maypole Project

    296,867 yeokens

Last quarter's donations

Thanks to everyone who donated their Yeokens! The charity with the most donations was…

The Camphill Family

280,934 yeokens

Campaign for National Parks

233,471 yeokens

You Can

228,175 yeokens


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