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Yeoken Banking FAQs

What's your question?

You can still type in the 14-letter codes, just like before, but we've introduced another way to make things easier for you.

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Get banking!

Find the special Yeokens codes on our packs and scan or type them here to collect, spend and win.

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In need of a bit of help?

No idea what all this is about? Either take a look at our Handy Yeokens Guide, view the , or get in touch - we'll soon be able to set you straight.

  • Need help banking your Yeokens?

    Explore our FAQs, we may just have the answer you're looking for

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  • Can't find your Yeoken code?

    Don't worry, we can show you where to find your Yeoken code

    Find out more
  • Discover ways to spend your Yeokens

    Check out the latest offers, events, games and more

    Explore goodies