Allotments for beginners

Monday 25th July 2022

With it being National Allotment week, we’re sharing our tips for growing your own – whether that be at home or at your local allotment.

We’ve been farming organically for over 25 years on our family-farm in Blagdon. Supporting organic farming – and farmers – is something we’re proud of. As well as shopping organically, you can help the planet by growing your own fruit and vegetables at home.  All you’ll need is some time and patience!


Start small

When starting anything new, it’s always best to start small and gradually build up your skills and experience. As a beginner gardener, it’s going to take you more time at first so it’s better to focus on a smaller plot – half a plot would be ideal. With time you’ll gain speed and will be able to extend your growing area.


Research and plan well in advance

There are many things to consider when gardening – like soil type, weather conditions, time of year and sun exposure. Different plants thrive in different conditions. It’s important to do your research before you go out and buy your seeds! Keep in mind what growing conditions you have and make sure the plants you choose to grow will thrive in this environment.

If you need some inspiration on what plants to grow when, you can take a look at our handy Allotment Planner from our own Organic Garden team which explains the best time to plant, sow and harvest!


Take care of the soil

Yeo Valley Organic Soil
Yeo Valley Organic Soil

Did you know you can improve the quality of the soil in your garden through adding compost? The best way to do this is by composting your food scraps and plant cuttings to help enrich the soil. We previously spoke to Matt who works in the Yeo Valley Organic Garden for his top tips on creating “black gold’’. – read them here.


Protect your plants

Trying s
String between the canes

If you want your plants to grow strong, then you might consider companion plating. This is when you plant another plant to keep the balance in your garden. With the help of the companion, your main plants should grow without a problem.

Weeds are the worst enemy of gardeners and you’ll need to limit them as much as possible. Some plants like pumpkins, carrots and peas can smother weeds so it might be a good idea to practice growing with these vegetables first.



We wish you the best of luck in your gardening journey!


Interested in finding out more about gardening? Why not come and visit our very own Organic Garden! The Yeo Valley Organic Garden is open for visitors throughout the summer months, you can even attend one of Garden Tours. Find out more about our Organic Garden and how to visit us here.

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