Ploughing & Drilling on the farm

The Farm

It’s Spring on the Farm

With the colder days behind us, we’re getting excited about this new season on the farm! So, we headed down…

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Yeo Valley organic cows grazing on grass in the valley field

Why Organic Milk?

We’ve been producing organic milk and dairy products for over 30 years! We think it’s pretty special for lots of…

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Regenerative and Organic, what’s the difference?

To mark the beginning of Regenuary we’ve teamed up with mygreenpod to bring you up to speed with the growing…

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James Wong offers simple tips to help us feel the benefits of organic soil

Yeo Valley Organic has teamed up with esteemed ethnobotanist, James Wong, to help us reconnect with soil and enjoy its…

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Yeo Valley Organic cow in the valley

What is Organic September?

Nature has the answer…and the answer is organic. What is Organic September? Organic September is an annual celebration of all…

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Plant your pants update – spoiler, the soil ate our undies!

Here at Yeo Valley Organic, we are very passionate about and proud of our soil. Those of you who have…

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Visit us… you know you want to!

Summer is truly in full swing and we have so much going on in the valley over the sunnier months.…

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Who’s in the moo-d to score a world cup?

You’ve heard of the Lionesses, but have you ‘herd’ of the Free-Range Friesians? Well after a shaky start predicting the…

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Investing in our Planet

Earth Day is on Saturday 22nd April and we’re taking the time to reflect on the good choices we’ve been…

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Cow Crossings at Yeo Valley Organic

Did we fool Yeo? This April Fools Day, we teamed up with the UK’s largest motoring organisation The AA to…

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Yeo Valley Organic Garden

International Womens Day 2023 – Embrace Equity

We strongly believe in equity at Yeo Valley Organic and that it is intrinsic to our sustainability aims. This International Women’s Day we’re shining the spotlight on three women who are challenging the status quo.

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Happy Regenuary

Happy Regenuary! The month when we celebrate the sustainable eating movement gathering momentum.  Started by our friends The Ethical Butcher, it’s…

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