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What links kefir, sauerkraut, kombucha, yogurt, kimchi and miso? They are all fermented foods, packed with billions of live bacteria! Fermentation has been used as a food preservation method for thousands of years and, depending on the cultures in action (and what exactly is fermented), it creates food with some unique tangy flavours.

Recently, there’s been lots of talk around the role of fermented and live foods in maintaining a healthy gut, the importance of having a diverse microbiome and the links between gut health and our general wellbeing (including our mental health).

So, we thought that it would be a great idea to launch a platform where we can share a snapshot of content around fermentation, microbiome, live bacteria, and gut health coming from a selection of experts and enthusiasts in this field.

Dr. Andrew Morrice on Gut Health

Dr. Andrew Morrice on Gut Health

A Somerset GP for the last 20 years, Andrew has maintained a very active interest in psychology, nutrition and lifestyle medicine. He includes the effective management of emotion and the role of diet in managing health problems in his general practice and he also teaches and lectures each year in the award winning Whole Person Care course for medical students at Bristol University.

In this short film he talks about gut health and the importance of bacterial diversity for a well-functioning gut, as well as the benefits of a balanced diet that contains a variety of nutrients from different sources. He focuses on the benefits of Kefir and the inclusion of fermented plants in the diet – providing probiotics (live bacteria) and prebiotics (good food for the bacteria living in your gut).

Have you tried our new Kefir range?

Kefir range of 3 flavours lifestyle shot

Have you tried our new Kefir range?

No idea about Kefir? This ancient way of fermenting yogurt has been around for centuries, and our range contains 14 strains of live cultures. It’s high in protein, low in fat and with natural and fruity flavours to choose from, we’re sure you’ll find a pot you love.

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The Sauerkrautathon, October 2018

The Sauerkrautathon, October 2018

The Sauerkrautathon is the brainchild of fermentation enthusiasts Katie Venner & Jo Webster, who wanted to host an event designed to raise awareness of the importance of fermented food for gut health. The message is simple: fermented food is great for you and sauerkraut is one of the easiest ones to make at home – combining not only plenty of live probiotic bacteria but also pre-biotic vegetable fibres to help feed the bacteria already present in the gut.

They are attempting to set a World Record for the largest recorded dish of sauerkraut, and took the first step on that journey at this year’s Wells Food Festival where over 150 volunteers cut and salted over 400kg of vegetables (provided by our friends at Riverford). Being that Wells is so local to us in Somerset, we took the opportunity to take along our Kefir – the perfect complement to a gut friendly diet!

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