Jessica Ennis-Hill at the Yeo Valley Organic Kitchen

Being Fit and Healthy with Jessica Ennis-Hill

We’ve teamed up with Olympic gold medallist Dame Jessica Ennis Hill to talk about how she includes organic dairy in a nutritious diet.

From our Super Thick Kerned yogurt to our new Little Yeos pouches, there are plenty of ways to use Yeo Valley in your day.

Super Thick

Our Super Thick Kerned yogurt has been strained up to nine times making it naturally high in protein and low in sugar and fat.

Great with fruit, used as a dip or stirred into a curry, Super Thick Kerned is super versatile.

Super Thick for a Super Breakfast

Super Thick for a Super Breakfast

No matter where you are, including yogurt as part of your breakfast really dials up the protein. Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill had to think about how to get a nutritious breakfast when on the road as part of her athletic career.

Super Thick Smoothie

Super Thick Smoothie

Dame Jessica Ennis Hill knows that smoothies are a great pick me up for anytime of day. Here she talks about her favourite ingredients to whizz up and refuel!

We’ve got a few smoothie recipes on our website but we love this one from the Honestly Good Smoothie Company. Why not add in a leafy veg like spinach to get a whole range of benefits?

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Super Thick for Dinner

Super Thick for Dinner

Is there anything better than nachos for a Friday night family dinner? Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill loves to pull together this quick and easy treat!

Simply layer lightly salted nachos in the bottom of an oven proof dish, dot a few alternating spoonfuls of fresh guacamole and tomato salsa on top of the tortilla chips layer before grating Yeo Valley Cheddar cheese over the top. Pop under the grill to melt the cheese then add some Yeo Valley Super Thick 0% Organic Yogurt before serving. Delicious!

Have you tried our Super Thick Creamy Yogurt?

Yeo Valley Organic Super Thick yogurt

Have you tried our Super Thick Creamy Yogurt?

It’s a creamy thick organic yogurt high in protein, low in fat and is naturally low in sugar – perfect for breakfast, pudding and post-gym snacking.

What’s more, our Super Thick yogurt pots are made from 100% RPET which means they are made from 100% recycled plastic. A first in the yogurt world!

These pots can seem a little wobbly but that’s because the plastic content is lower than our standard pots. Being made from 100% recycled plastic isn’t easy but it is the right thing to do.

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Have you tried Super Thick Creamy?
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Little Yeo's Pouches

Organic fruity yogurt in a perfectly portioned pouch!

Great for when you’re out and about with your little ones (and still tasty for grown-ups too!)

Little Yeo's on the Go

Little Yeo's on the Go

It’s not always easy to keep active with your children.

Our pouches make a quick easy snack for when you’re on the go!

Have you tried our Little Yeos Pouches?

Yeo Valley organic yogurt pouches for children

Have you tried our Little Yeos Pouches?

Great for when you’re out and about, great for when you’re at home!

Give them a try and let us know what you think…

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Pouches & things that can't be recycled at home

Yeo Valley Organic yogurt pouch recycling

Pouches & things that can't be recycled at home

Sadly, not everything can be recycled at home just yet. But don’t worry, because we’ve teamed up with recycling experts at Enval who can do it for you. Things you can send them: Little Yeos pouches, the film lids of our yogurt pots, and our small yogurt sachets from recipe boxes.

Here’s what to do:

1. Fill your details in the form below and we’ll send you a recycling bag in a few weeks when they come into stock.

2. Make sure the pouches/packs are empty and clean.

3. Pop the packs and green plastic lids into the bag – due to the size and weight limits of the bag, it’s a max. limit of 13 pouches per bag. If you’re sending yogurt film lids, we’d estimate a maximum of 60 films per bag.

4. Send to Enval (for free!) via Royal Mail.

This is currently only available for the UK.

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