Tim Mead

Tim Mead, owner

Yeo Valley started at Holt Farm – where my parents put down roots back in 1961. It overlooks Blagdon Lake, ten miles from where our family had been farming since the 1400s.

With our two farms and two herds of British Friesian cows, we’re dedicated to farming organically – not only because it creates the best-tasting results, but because it’s better for our animals, our land, our wildlife and our environment.

Put Nature First

Here in the Valley, our vision is for a world in which we all live in a more sustainable way and put nature first to help tackle climate change. So, whatever we do – on our farms, at our HQ, in our kitchens and with you – we always strive to put nature first, and to encourage other people to do the same.

It all starts with organic farming: taking a lead from nature, working with the seasons and natural rhythms to get the very best results, because when we look after nature, nature looks after us.

Of course, we know we aren’t perfect, so no matter what we do or achieve, we’re always looking to do more. Here are just a few of the things we’re doing to help put nature first…

We're Crazy about Clover


We're Crazy about Clover

Ah clover.

This humble 3 (or sometimes 4!) leaved miracle worker is one of our favourite and most hard-working plants in the valley!

We plant clover as part of our herbal grass leys for many reasons. It helps improve  soil health and also provides additional nutrients for our cows.

Organic standards mean we can’t use a chemical nitrogen fertilizer even if we wanted to. Clover is considered a nitrogen fixing plant, meaning that it will pull nitrogen from the air and channel it into the soil through their root systems so that our crops and grass can use it to grow. Clover also has a long root that can grow deep into the soil, pulling nutrients from deep in the soil that other plants can’t reach.

By growing clover, our soil gets a lovely injection of extra nutrients and our cows get a tasty addition to their grass salads.

So, the next time you’re searching for a lucky 4 leaf clover, remember just how clever that clover really is!

Meet the New-Bees

Meet the New-Bees

We bee-lieve pollination is key on the farm!

Bees are an integral part of farming and food production so we very much see them as VIPs!

We’ve had bee hives in the valley for a while now and so we’re working with Buckley’s Bees to share our fuzzy friends with other dairy farms.


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You can recycle your big pots of yogurt

You can recycle your big pots of yogurt

Our big pots of yogurt are widely recycled once you’ve finished the yogurt inside.

Unzip the cardboard sleeve, rinse the pot and separate.

What is hedgelaying and why is it important?
Our Food Ambassador, chef Paul Collins, took some time to tell us what the canteen team do to avoid food waste in our kitchen. As the old saying goes, waste not want not!
The trees in the new orchard will not only absorb carbon and give out oxygen but will also support habitats for our wildlife...

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