Panettone Baked Alaska

Peak interest over the festive season and savour your leftover Panettone with our Yeo twist on the retro classic – Baked Alaska!

  • 1 hr
  • Serves 12
  • Beginner


Equipment: 1.5 litre pudding basin, temperature probe.


  1. Line a pudding basin with cling film with plenty of extra film hanging over the edges of the tin. 
  2. Slice up the panettone, leaving the circle shaped base for later steps.
  3. Add 150g of the cut panettone to a food processor and whizz up with vanilla ice cream.
  4. Spoon the softened ice cream and panettone mix around the lined pudding basin. 
  5. Clean out the food processor and blitz the salted caramel ice cream until softened, then scoop this into to the pudding basin until full.
  6. Get the circular base of the panettone saved earlier and place on top of the filled pudding basin. Then, to make sure none of the ice cream will dribble out later, use smaller pieces of the remaining panettone to fill any gaps. 
  7. Use the remaining clip film to cover the top of the basin. Put the bowl into the freezer and freeze for at least 4 hours or preferably overnight. The ice cream needs to be totally set and firm.
  8. When ready to serve the Baked Alaska, pre-heat the oven to 200°C. 
  9. Crack the eggs and add the egg whites into a freestanding mixer. Mix until fluffy peaks are formed.
  10. Put the caster sugar and 60ml water in a small saucepan.
  11. Stir the sugar over a gentle heat until it dissolves, then leave it to come to the boil, using a sugar thermometer to keep an eye on the temperature – you want this to reach 120°C – then remove from the heat.
  12. To make the meringue, slowly pour the caramelised sugar into the egg whites. Continue to whisk for 5 minutes and until it has cooled.
  13. Working quickly, remove the pudding basin filled with ice cream from the freezer and cover the entire dome with meringue, making sure there are no holes. Peak the meringue to create a nice shape and texture. 
  14. Blow torch the meringue all over until it starts to caramelise.
  15. Finish by baking in the oven for 2 minutes, then slice the Baked Alaska and serve immediately. 

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