Yeo Valley Canteen

Our Yeo Valley Canteen started off as our staff restaurant, but everyone loved it so much, and it’s such a beautiful spot, we thought it only right to open it to the public. It’s been a huge hit – especially our foodie events, like Roast Wednesdays.

We take good food very seriously here in the valley, and everything we serve is made with produce that’s local, sustainable, seasonal and organic. As with our dairy range, if we can buy our ingredients in the UK, we will – even if they cost more.

The beef and dairy used in our Canteen will only ever be our own, organic produce and we use seasonal vegetables from our organic garden, as well as local community growing initiatives. All the cheeses we serve are sourced from artisanal, British makers, and our chefs have personally visited all our suppliers. Of course, there are always going to be few ingredients we can’t grow in the UK – like coffee, chocolate or vanilla. In these cases, we always buy from organic, ethical sources.

Cooking seasonally and supporting British producers are our top priorities at the Yeo Valley Canteen, and we like to think the quality of the ingredients we use shines through in our scrumptious food. In fact, we think this is probably the best staff canteen in the world. Why not pay us a visit and see what you think?

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