Yeo Works

Come and meet at Yeo Works at Yeo Valley HQ.

Whether it’s a conference of 100 to gather the herd, a pow-wow to bounce ideas off each other or a small meeting for 2, we’ve got plenty of spaces to make any meeting a cheerful one. Not to forget, our packages include breakfast & lunch in our staff Canteen – now that’s food for thought.

You can’t beat a face to face meeting, surround yourself in the Yeo Valley countryside & come make yourself at home.

To book, please email Sophie on or call 01761 258155

We hope to welcome you to the Valley soon!

Good weather or not, here comes the sun in this Beatles themed meeting space. Up to six can grab a chair in this cosy corner.

Preach ’till the cows come home in our Lecture Theatre – complete with projector, screen, tables and chairs to seat up to 100 based on Yeo needs.

Cast your rod out to our Old Trout conference room for a comfortable space for 11 or less.

A roomy conference room seating up to 22, moo-ve into Cow Room for the day and enjoy panaramic views of the valley.

Fueling you throughout the day, our breakfast and lunch menus celebrate the best of organic cuisine.
Looking for the perfect team away day? Our events in the valley might be the perfect break away from dull desks.

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