5 reasons why with Charlie Follett

Thursday 17th August 2023

We recently had the pleasure of catching up with GB modern pentathlon athlete and hopeful Olympian, Charlie Follett. Off the back of her success winning gold at the 2022 European championships in Hungary, we were keen to see how Charlie’s been preparing for this year’s Championships and how Yeo Valley Organic plays a part in all this training.

With a fridge full of delicious organic goodies, what would you reach for?

When Charlie came to visit us at Yeo Valley HQ, she was in the final stages of recovery after suffering a stress fracture in her lower back. As we all know too well, life is full of ups and downs, so we wanted to catch-up with Charlie to gain an insight into how injuries can affect the day-to-day life of elite athletes and learn what adaptations must be made to their diet (this is where Yeo comes in!), daily routine, and what they do with their newfound free time.

Yeo Valley Organic Super Thick Kerned Yogurt
Yeo Valley Organic Super Thick Yogurt

As Charlie is used to doing things in fives, we thought we’d follow the theme and asked her five things she loves about her favourite Yeo Valley Organic product – our protein-packed Super Thick Yogurt!

Over to you Charlie… 

  • The first reason I love Super Thick is because it’s high in protein, as an athlete we need our bodies to recover and rebuild, and high protein is really helpful for this.
  • The second reason I love this product is its low fat and low sugar, which means I can eat a clean healthy diet. Nutrition is a huge part of my lifestyle,  but Super Thick can keep me on track, without losing out on taste. I also really appreciate it’s organic too, which means it not only tastes good, but is better for our planet.
  • The third reason is that it’s so versatile; I have it in so many different meals! I especially love it in smoothies and often make yogurt bowls where I can put lots of fruit like raspberries, strawberries, nuts, seeds, and a bit of granola. It makes the perfect snack in between sessions.
  • The fourth reason is that at the moment, unfortunately, I’m injured, I’ve got a stress fracture, meaning that I need lots of calcium to help my bones recover and this product is especially good at helping me do that.
  • The final reason is that for me, nothing compares to the Super Thick yogurt; the taste, texture, and just like all the products Yeo Valley makes – it’s absolutely incredible.

Thanks Charlie! You’ve definitely inspired us to put our Super Thick at the top of our shopping list! Take a look at the full conversation over on our social channels and keep an eye out for more content with Charlie as we follow her recovery and journey to the Olympics in Paris 2024 (go Charlie, go!)

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