Five Ways to be Yeo Best Self in 2024!

Wednesday 3rd January 2024

With the excitement of the festive season now behind us, the new year can often seem a bit bleak with everyone ever-longing for the return of those long summer days. Well, it’s for this reason we thought we’d help yeo kick start the year in the best way possible so, without further a-do, here’s five ways to be Yeo best self in 2024!


  1. Connect with Others
Snowdrops in the Organic Garden
Snowdrops in the Garden, February 16th & 17th

Start the year reconnecting with family and friends. Whether it’s a leisurely walk, a lunch outing or a games night, spending quality time with loved ones is a great way to lift your spirits. In this digital age, a quick video call is also a great alternative if meeting up in person isn’t possible.

Aside from family and friends, often meeting new people is a brilliant opportunity to learn something new. From February onwards, for those local (or who like an adventure) we have events taking place in our Organic Garden. Small Plates in the Garden, is a chance to join us in front of the fire in our garden café for a marvellous medley of small plates curated by Chef Ali Pumfrey. This will be held on the 8th of February, and following this we have two sessions to explore our earliest bloomers with Snowdrops in the Garden on the 16th and 17th of February.


  1. Be Physically Active

Another great way to boost your mood and improve your physical health is through incorporating some form of exercise into your daily routine, even if it’s just a 30-minute walk. Wrap up warm,

English Heritage Membership
Get 25% off an English Heritage Membership

reconnect with nature and get outdoors for a refreshing change of scenery.

And for those who like things a little more structured, the Yeo-Fit gym here at HQ offer various classes. If history and nature interest you, part with some Yeokens and get 25% off an English Heritage membership for unlimited access to over 400 historic sites across the country.


  1. Learn Something New
20% off at Honeywell bakes
20% off at Honeywell bakes

You learn something new every day, right? Sadly, this isn’t always the case, however, acquiring new skills is a brilliant way to stimulate your mind. If you’d like to try your hand at baking we have the perfect offer to get you started. For just 25 Yeokens Honeywell Bakes are offering 25% off their biscuit baking kits meaning you can master your skills from the comfort of your own kitchen.

For those of you with green fingers, the Rose Press Garden are offering 50% off your first order; you’ll receive a subscription box with a variety of seeds and bulbs, as well as all the support and guidance you will need to get growing straight away.


  1. Give to Others

Research suggests that giving and acts of kindness are proven to improve mental well-being. Consider simple gestures like helping a neighbour or donating

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One of our fantastic offers, get 20% off Bramley products

loose change to a charity pot. If you’re willing to do something slightly more significant, volunteering for a charity or community group is a wholesome and rewarding gesture. You can also show your appreciation for loved ones with thoughtful gifts (check out the goodies and discounts from our friends) or use your Yeokens to vote for and support a charity of your choice through the donations page on our website.



  1. Make Healthier Food Choices
Our Natural Organic Yogurt
Our Delicious Natural Organic Yogurt

As health awareness grows and we begin to understand the impact of consuming ultra-processed foods, making small changes to your diet can help to improve your health enormously. Swap out that afternoon chocolate bar for a banana, or opt for a yogurt bowl with natural, unprocessed ingredients like nuts, seeds, and fresh fruit. Yeo Valley Organic Natural Yogurt is an excellent and delicious (if we do say ourselves) foundation to create a wholesome and nutritious snack or meal. Find out more about ultra-processed here.


So, as we embark on a new year full of exciting opportunities, let’s instead take a second to put ourselves first and prioritise our physical health, mental well-being and embrace positive changes.

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