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How to use up the last dollop of yogurt

Thursday 24th March 2022

At Yeo Valley we love our organic products so we don’t want to see a single drop go to waste!

Which is why we’ve put together our favourite Yeo-inspired recipes that use up the last dollop of our yogurt.


Our Organic Yogurt

Our Yeo Valley organic yogurt pots are a customer favourite. Our wide range of flavours mean they’re the perfect ingredient in lots of different recipes! But what happens when you only have a few spoonfuls left at the bottom of the pot? Don’t worry – there’s still loads of tasty Yeo-inspired recipes you can follow even if you have a few dollops left.

Yeo Valley Organic Zaatar Leek Baked Eggs Recipe
Our Zaatar Leek Baked Eggs Recipe

Our classic Organic Natural Yogurt fits perfectly whether you’re looking for a sweet or savoury recipe. You can create this delicious Carrot Cake recipe or Zaatar Leek Baked Eggs with just 4tbsp of our Organic Natural Yogurt, or this light Spinach Soup with only 2tbsp.

If you’re looking to use up your fruity yogurts then you can make these summery Strawberry Scones with just 2bsp of our Organic Strawberry Yogurt. Another great sweet treat are these Meringue Kisses with only a few spoonful’s of our Organic Lemon Curd yogurt.


Our Super Thick Yogurt

Yeo Valley Organic Super Thick Sweet Toast Toppers Recipes T
Our Super Thick is perfect for toast

Our Organic Super Thick Kerned Yogurt pots are 100% recyclable, so we also want to make sure that the contents are 100% used too!

So whether you’re treating yourself at breakfast with our Savoury or Sweet Toast Toppers that only use 60g of our Organic Super Thick each or you’re looking for an on-the-go breakfast smoothie that needs a few spoonful’s – make sure you’re enjoying every last drop of our Organic Super Thick yogurt!


Our Organic Kefir Yogurt

Our Organic Kefir Yogurts are made here in the Valley and are great for your gut! So make sure you treat yourself to every last drop by following recipes like this Potato Salad recipe which uses only 100g of Natural Kefir Yogurt.


Our Greek Style Yogurt

Who knew that yogurt can be perfect in cake?!

Our Organic Greek Style Yogurts are our creamiest yogurts – you’ll want to taste every last spoonful! So whether you’re impressing your guests with our Mussels Mouclade recipe or our Chocolate Mocha Cake, which only need a few tablespoons of yogurt, then you’ll be able to finish off the pot easily!




Our Organic Fruity Favourites

If you have a pot of our Organic Fruity Favourites Yogurt left then we have a fun recipe you can try with the little ones in your life! These Fruity Favourite Muffins are super simple to make and are the perfect afternoon treat.


Our Organic Little Yeos Range

Little Yeos No Added Sugar Ice Lollies Recipe
Embrace the warmer weather with our Yogurt Lollies recipe

We sell lots of great products for Little Ones too! Get creative with your leftovers with these fun recipes.

Use your Little Yeos No Added Sugar Yogurt Pots to make these Yogurt Lollies or your leftover Strawberry Fruity Favourites pot to whip up some tasty Strawberry Muffins.



Find out more about the different products we sell here.

View all our Yeo-inspired recipes.

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