Five Ways to Participate in Organic September

Thursday 31st August 2023

1) Read, Watch, Listen

The starting point for taking part in Organic September is to learn more about the campaign and what it’s trying to achieve. Head to the Soil Association website to read about what organic means and the benefits it brings.

There are some great documentaries, like From the Ground Up, which demonstrate the issues of intensive farming, and Kiss the Ground, a Netflix documentary which shines a spotlight on the importance of soil in the climate crisis. And for families, take a look at The Biggest Little Farm and The Biggest Little Farm: The Return on Disney+ as a family take on a 200 hecre farm, working in harmony with nature to maximise biodiversity.

You could also listen to podcasts, such as The Organic Gardening Podcast (by Garden Organic), for inspiration on gardening organically.


2) Make One Switch

A delicious range of organic products

If switching completely to organic is overwhelming, then just make one small switch today. What’s one product that you use daily that you could switch to organic? Whether that be your hand soap, your morning coffee, or your cereals. We have loads of great organic dairy products you can try, like our organic milk, cheese or butter. We also make children’s yogurts called Little Yeos, made with 100% organic ingredients and brilliant for babies’ first taste of dairy. Making one switch is a small step, but together we can make big change.


3) Cook an Organic Meal

Yeo Valley Organic Recipes
We have lots of recipes for you to try!

Why not try your hand at making one of our organic recipes this September? By cooking an organic meal you can begin to familiarise yourself with different organic products in your local supermarket. Take a look at our Speedy Suppers or Veggie Victuals for some organic recipe inspiration.


4) Support Local

You might be surprised to discover that there are probably already many local suppliers that offer organic products in your area. Whether that be organic fruit and veg boxes, or organic eggs, look for local organic options to support. You can find your nearest organic box scheme here.


5) Spread the Word

Don’t forget to share all you have learned and discovered this Organic September with friends and family. Found a great local organic supplier? Tell your neighbours! Organic September is all about raising awareness about organic businesses and their benefits so make sure to spread the word.


Visit our Organic September hub for more content!

To view all of our recipes, inspired by Yeo Valley products, head to our recipe page.

Comments on “Five Ways to Participate in Organic September”

  • Low fat no sugar very tasty products

    Keith Edwards on 16th September 2021 at 3:05 pm

  • Really interesting, I agree support your local suppliers.

    Ann on 16th September 2021 at 8:19 am

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