Our Energy

Here at Yeo Valley Organic we strive to make good choices for you and the planet and we’ve been doing that for over 25 years.

One of those choices is how we source our energy. For over 20 years we’ve made sure that we use renewable energy across our business in Somerset, as much as possible. We have done this knowing that other energy available to us was cheaper but it was a price that we were prepared to pay because it’s better for you, for wildlife and for the world. 

We’ve spent the past decade installing over 10,000 solar panels across our sites in Somerset & Devon, including our very own cow shed at our family farm. Find out more here.

We’d prefer to generate all our own energy but it’s just not possible. So to supplement the energy we generate, we also buy electricity from energy suppliers to keep our dairies, farms and factories running to make our delicious organic products. When we buy it, we have made a conscious decision to always buy it from 100% renewable suppliers. 

Octopus Energy is one of our renewable electricity suppliers, their energy is 100% renewable, their fuel mix is made up of wind, solar and hydro and powers our Headquarters and our own family farms across Somerset. You can find out more here.

We also buy electricity from Drax their specific renewable power mix is 57% wind, 25% biomass, 14% solar and 4% hydro. We know there are some questions about biomass. Biomass is an EU certified renewable power source, using compressed wood pellets from sustainable, working forests. Find out more here.

We never stop working on reducing our overall energy use. We’re always looking at everything we do and we’re always finding ways to produce our products using less energy. We’re using techniques such as heat recovery and, when we need to, upgrade our equipment to newer more efficient technologies that use cleaner fuels and less energy. 

We will always use renewable energy for our electricity. We will also continue to do all we can to increase our own energy production and to be as efficient as possible. 

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