Yeo Valley organic cows grazing on grass in the valley field

Our Sustainable Approach

Sustainability is central to everything we do here at Yeo Valley. As farmers, we see first-hand the incredible things nature can produce, and how humans can damage it. We always remind ourselves to put nature first, by playing our part in protecting and preserving the world for future generations and not controlling nature with chemicals, but working with it to create incredible food.

Reduce Food Waste

Reduce Food Waste

More than a 1/3 of food is wasted.

We’d really like to change this which is why we’ve introduced best before labelling on our butter, cheese, milk and natural yogurt.

By moving to Best Before labelling it puts the process of deciding when to eat, back in your hands. Use your senses – look, smell and taste to avoid our delicious dairy ending up in the bin. We can all play our part on reducing food waste and our impact on the planet.

Powered by Nature

Here in the Valley, all our electricity is from renewable sources – including solar power from our own farms.

This is part of our sustainable commitment to become 50% self-sufficient in our electricity usage over the next 10 years!

We have a whole acre of solar panels on the roofs of our cowsheds which help supply us with our own renewable energy. We also have installed solar panels at our distribution and production sites.

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How Farming Can Be Part of the Solution

How Farming Can Be Part of the Solution

Did you know, by using regenerative organic farming methods the carbon stored in the soils of our family farm in Somerset is the equivalent to 150 years worth of the farm’s emissions?

Have a read to find out more about regenerative agriculture and the power of soils to reduce carbon!

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Reducing Food Miles

Organic Whole Milk

Reducing Food Miles

Did you know that the UK imports half of its food?

Help us change that by reducing food miles and keeping it local with the best of organic British dairy.


Sustainable Packaging

Most of our packaging is fully recyclable and we’re working towards the goal of making our packaging from 100% recycled plastic too.

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Reducing Carbon Emissions

Organic farming does more than any other system to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture. Healthy, organic soils are one of the biggest carbon sinks, locking away – or ‘sequestering’ – carbon, keeping it out of the atmosphere and helping to prevent climate change.

Hate Waste? So do we...

Yeo Valley's organic apples

Hate Waste? So do we...

Did you know that 6.6 million tonnes of the UK’s food gets thrown away every year?

From smart storage to getting creative with leftovers, we want to help turn waste into wonders. Check out our recipe page for ideas on how to use up that last bit of Yeo…

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