Blueberry & Blackcurrant

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Blueberry & Blackcurrant

This Greek Style yogurt is fat free, high in protein and full of live cultures. They’re thick and creamy but are only 65 calories! They contain no artificial sweeteners, just lots of real blueberries and blackcurrants.

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Energy... 275kJ/65kcal
Fat... 0.2g
of which saturates... 0.1g
Carbohydrate... 9.2g
of which sugars... 8.4g
Protein... 6.5g
Salt*... 0.16g
Calcium... 168mg†
*Salt content is entirely due to naturally occurring sodium.
†21% of the Nutrient Reference Value (800mg/day)

Organic fat free Greek style yogurt (MILK), MILK proteins, organic sugar (3.4%), organic blueberry (3%), organic blackcurrant (2%), organic maize starch, natural flavourings, organic concentrated lemon juice.

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By Michelle Cole - Nature lover / Sweet tooth
June 5, 2018

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