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Yeo Valley Organic

Find your Yeokens code

Can't find a QR code?

Not to worry! We are hard at work adding QR codes to all of our Yeo Valley products. If your Yeo Valley pack does not have a Yeokens QR code on this inside, type in the 14-letter code to bank your Yeokens.

Packs with QR codes and 14-letter codes

Yeokens QR codes will be coming to all of our packs soon. For now, scroll down to see where you'll find them already.

Yogurt Pots

It's on the underside of the lid - lick to reveal!

Yogurt pot with QR code


It's on the inside of the outer cardboard wrapper.

4-pack wrapper with QR code

Little Yeos

Like 4-packs, on the inside of the outer cardboard wrapper.

Little Yeos wrapper with QR code


It's printed under the fold on the bottom.

Butter wrapper with QR code

Spreadable Butter

It's printed on the seal under the lid.

Spreadable butter with QR code

Packs without QR codes for now

These products don't have QR codes just yet - type in the 14-letter code to bank your Yeokens.

1KG Yogurt Tubs

Find it on the reverse of the film lid.

1KG yogurt tub with 14-letter code


On these bottles it's printed on the inside of the label - peel to reveal!

Milk with 14-letter code


Same as yogurt, on the reverse of the lid.

Cream with 14-letter code


Again, under the lid - enjoy licking it clean!

Compote with 14-letter code

Ice Cream

It's printed on top of the film lid.

Ice cream with 14-letter code
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Get banking!

Find the special Yeokens codes on our packs and scan or type them here to collect, spend and win.

Type in a code

In need of a bit of help?

No idea what all this is about? Either take a look at our Handy Yeokens Guide, view the , or get in touch - we'll soon be able to set you straight.

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