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Grow your own herbs using Garden Organic seeds. There are three to collect with special packs of Yeo Valley Organic Spreadable packs including basil, thyme and chives.

Garden Organic promotes organic growing and composting to help people grow ‘the organic way’, using natural methods to promote healthy, biodiverse, sustainable gardens. 

Super-simple to sow and grow, just pop your seeds into soil or compost, sprinkle with water and keep in a sunny spot until they begin to sprout. 

Grow fresh organic basil in 12 to 20 days and bring a taste of the Mediterranean to your family meals.

Delicious organic thyme, ready to sprinkle in 8 to 12 days. Add to your Sunday roast for the perfect herby finish.

See your organic chives sprout in 10 to 16 days for a savoury tang on soups, salads and so much more.

Basil and Pea Bruschetta

Thyme Herb Butter

Cheese and Chives Scones

Use your empty spreadable tub as a plant pot!

Use your empty spreadable tub as a plant pot!

Recycle your Yeo Valley Organic Spreadable tub by using it as a mini veg garden. Once you’ve enjoyed every last spread, wash out the container and place it on a chopping board. Pierce holes in the base with a skewer or scissors, and fill with moist peat-free compost. 

Firm the compost, take a tiny pinch of seeds and scatter across the surface, covering with a thin layer of compost. Pop the lid underneath as a watering tray and place on a bright, warm windowsill so you can watch your herbs grow. 

Learn more about how to get started with your very own allotment.

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