• A Day in the Life of a Yeo Valley Cow

    A Day in the Life of a Yeo Valley Cow

    Fancy a peek into the lives of our very own pedigree British Friesians? From their diet of nutrient-rich grasses to their custom-made mattresses, these girls live like queens – and quite rightly so…

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  • A Healthy Start

    A Healthy Start

    A good breakfast has the power to set you up for a productive day full of energy. Whether you make your breakfast a family affair or consume it in a rush, there are good reasons to begin with a nourishing meal. Registered nutritional therapist, Eva Humphries, looks at the benefits of starting your day with organic natural yogurt.

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  • Meet Gabby, one of our Herd Managers…

    Meet Gabby, one of our Herd Managers…

    Our industrious Herd Manager gives us the scoop on life with Yeo Valley Family Farms, what it’s like to be a woman in this male-dominated industry, and the best bits of the job, as well as how she gets to know every cow like the back of her hand…

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  • The Disc-Yeo Ice Cream Van is on Tour!

    The Disc-Yeo Ice Cream Van is on Tour!

    We asked you if you wanted to add a bit of sparkle to your event with our Disc-Yeo Van and Resident DJ and hundreds of you applied for the chance! It was no mean feat to narrow down the great applications but we finally got to our 16 winners…

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  • Meet Andy, Super Shepherd!

    Meet Andy, Super Shepherd!

    There’s a super shepherd in the valley and he goes by the name of Andy. We’ve been lucky enough to find out all about him…

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  • Graham’s point of view

    Graham’s point of view

    Graham Harvey, writer of over 600 episodes of the Archers and author of ‘Grass Fed Nation’, gives us his thoughts on the importance of mixed farming…

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