• Buzzing for Blagsaey’s bees

    Buzzing for Blagsaey’s bees

    We have some bee-witching visitors in the garden for the summer…

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  • Where the Grass is Always Greener: The Benefits of Organic Milk

    Where the Grass is Always Greener: The Benefits of Organic Milk

    Is organic milk just a big hullabaloo? Here at Yeo Valley we think the grass is always greener, and here’s why…

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  • Meet Andi, our Head Gardener

    Meet Andi, our Head Gardener

    We’re overjoyed to have Andi working in our organic garden, and it was great to find out a little more about her…

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  • We have a winner…

    We have a winner…

    Meet Jill Blackburn the winner of our latest on-pack competition for a MINI and a Great British Road Trip with £1,000 spending money…

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  • What the Baobab?

    What the Baobab?

    Our latest Limited Edition is featuring a star ingredient, a relatively unknown superfood called the baobab. In demand across Africa and amongst those in-the-know, the baobab has a whole host of goodness locked up in its pod like fruit. The pods grow on the baobab tree. Looking like a large grape, the baobab pod is […]

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  • Why Choose Organic?

    Why Choose Organic?

    In this guest blog, our friends at Riverford Organic Farmers explain why they believe an organic lifestyle is the best choice – and offer their top tips for a happy, healthy 2018… with the help of our yogurt!

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