• What the Baobab?

    What the Baobab?

    Our latest Limited Edition is featuring a star ingredient, a relatively unknown superfood called the baobab. In demand across Africa and amongst those in-the-know, the baobab has a whole host of goodness locked up in its pod like fruit. The pods grow on the baobab tree. Looking like a large grape, the baobab pod is […]

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  • Why Choose Organic?

    Why Choose Organic?

    In this guest blog, our friends at Riverford Organic Farmers explain why they believe an organic lifestyle is the best choice – and offer their top tips for a happy, healthy 2018… with the help of our yogurt!

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  • Bio Light

    Bio Light

    We are delighted to present our new range of surprisingly light yogurts. Our new Bio Light range is fat free with only 65 calories per pot. These handy pots are high in protein with a thick creamy texture. Ideal for a snack, portable breakfast or even a calorie counted dessert Bio Light can be with […]

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  • Meet Stuart Warford, he’s part of our Conservation Team…

    Meet Stuart Warford, he’s part of our Conservation Team…

    Our conservation team work hard to keep our land in tip top condition – not only is this great for our farms, it’s good news for the local wildlife too. We caught up with Stuart to find out a bit more about one of our latest projects…

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  • So it’s Lactose Free, how do you do that?

    So it’s Lactose Free, how do you do that?

    Over the years we have received more and more requests for a Lactose Free yogurt. So here it is, your prayers have been answered, and we have developed a lactose free version of our classic organic whole milk natural yogurt.

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  • The Mendip Ploughing Match 2017

    The Mendip Ploughing Match 2017

    There’s always a lot of oiling and polishing going on in the weeks before the competitors bring their ploughs to the annual Mendip ploughing match and we’re always excited to see what’s on show at the competition. This year we were extra excited as we were hosting the match on our farm, here at Yeo Valley.

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