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Feeling lucky? Log in to your Yeokens account, and every day you'll have three spins of our Dairy-Go-Round. If it lands on the winning pot, that fantastic prize could be yours, or you might be a lucky runner-up and bank some bonus Yeokens.

Win 12 months of Manilife Vouchers

ManiLife are the peanut butter connoisseurs, regularly found levelling up toasts, pancakes and dull breakfasts’ everywhere you look. And if you’re one of the lucky two to land on the winning yogurt pot in this fortnight’s Dairy-Go-Round, you’ll win a year of nuttiness with 12 x £20 vouchers to be used monthly on the ManiLife website. Treat yeo-self to kilo tubs, bags of nuts or their regular pots on the house, but beware, you won’t want to go back...
Win 12 months of Manilife Vouchers

Little bit about our friend

ManiLife source their 100% natural nuts from a single estate in Argentina, blessed with the double-whammy of pristine soil and perfect climate. South-America is the natural home of the peanut, and the conditions on the estate make this the champagne of peanut butter. We loved using the organic range to make our nutty Thai noodle salad, check it out on our recipes page. If you weren’t lucky in your spinning, you can get 20% off orders on our Yeokens goodies and discounts page.

More about the winning pack

All the thickness, creaminess and dreaminess you could wish for! Our Greek style yogurt with the added sweetness of real honey.
Greek Style Yogurt with Honey

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