Handy Yeokens Guide

It’s really simple – we promise! This guide should help get you acquainted with everything.

It’s simple and easy to do, just...

1. Find your special code on our packs

2. Enter it online to get yeokens

3. Buy stuff, play or donate!

You can spend them on things like...

Well, all sorts! You can come and visit us in the Valley, snap up some Yeo goodies and even win fabulous prizes:

There’s always a cracker of a prize in our monthly raffle.

We're giving away a whole host of Yeo goodies, like these shopping bags.
Come for a stroll around our Organic Garden, learn from our chefs or pop down to the Valley for all sorts of other adventures.
We always have three charities you can donate to – the more Yeokens you pledge, the more they can get.
  • Need help finding your code?
    Big pot yeokens code

    Yogurt Pots

    It’s on the underside of the lid – lick to reveal!

    1 kg yeokens code

    1 kg Yogurt Tubs

    Find it on the reverse of the film lid.

    4 pack yeokens code

    Little Yeos & 4 Packs

    It’s on the inside of the outer cardboard wrapper.

    1 litre milk yeokens code


    On these bottles it’s printed on the inside of the label – peel to reveal!

    Creme fraiche yeokens code

    Crème fraîche & Soured Cream

    Same as yogurt, on the reverse of the lid.

    compote yeokens code


    Again, under the lid – enjoy licking it clean!

    Ice cream & Kefir

    It’s printed on top of the film lid.


    It’s printed under the fold on the bottom.

    Spreadable Butter

    It’s printed on the seal under the lid.


    Peel back the label on the back of the pack.

  • How many Yeokens do I get?

    Yogurt 130g
    Yogurt 150g
    Milk 1 pint

    Milk 1 litre
    Creme Fraiche
    Kerned 170g
    Kerned Fruited 150g

    Milk 1.5 litre
    Split Pot

    Compote 220g
    Yogurt 450g
    Yogurt 500g
    Yogurt 4-pack
    Little Yeos 4-pack, 6-pack and Midi Pots
    Milk 2 litre
    Kefir 350g
    Kefir 4-pack
    Natural Top

    Kerned 450g

    Ice Cream
    Yogurt 950g
    Yogurt 1kg
    Buttery & Spreadable
    Kefir 1kg

    Kerned 850g


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