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british dairy farms need you

Every year, more and more British dairy farms are forced to close because global pressure on milk prices means they simply can’t afford to stay afloat. As farmers ourselves, we know everyone needs to make a living. We also know that, without British farms, our countryside wouldn’t look as beautiful as it does and food security in the UK for future generations would be uncertain.

what we’re doing to help...

We’re doing everything we can to support British dairy farms, starting with always paying our farmers a fair price for their milk. We’ve worked with some of them for over 20 years – since 1994 in fact, when we helped to create OMSCo (Organic Milk Suppliers Cooperative). Our partnership with OMSCo means that its members – over 250 organic farms across the UK – are able to keep going, which helps keep rural communities alive and kicking. It also means plenty of top quality, organic British milk for you.

our milk will always:

  • Come from our farm or
    The Organic Milk Suppliers Cooperative
  • Come from cows fed on a pesticide and GM-free diet
  • Come exclusively from British farms
  • Taste great, the right way
When you buy the tasty things we make,
you’re helping to support British family farms. Thank you!

Love your coffee, love your milk

It’s a core ingredient for any cup of coffee – whether frothy, silky smooth or steamed into latte art. If you love great coffee, remember to pair it with great milk and kick-start your morning in the very best way. Check out our video to see why top baristas love Yeo.

Watch the video

supporting british family farms

We believe that small family dairy farms deserve to be around forever, that’s why we’re doing everything we can in support.

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Our cows

We’ve been farming here for over 50 years and we’ve worked hard to breed our own pedigree herd of British Friesians. It’s been Mary’s life work, and we’re very proud of it.

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One of our herd managers

Gabby has been working here for 3 years now, but always knew she wanted to work in farming. Find out more about her day...

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