Organic Kefir

Our range of organic Kefir products are creamy, tangy and filled with 14 different live cultures. Whether it’s our Kefir Yogurt or Ice Cream spooned at home, or our Organic Drinking Kefir enjoyed on the go, our gut-friendly treats are kef-here and ready to do great things for your gut.

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Greek Recipe Yogurt

It's pastures new for our Super Thick yogurts - now in their new Greek Recipe pots. In this pot is the thickest, creamiest yogurt we've ever made - just like traditional Greek but all our own. For lovers of our Super Thick yogurt, fear not, it's the same recipe Yeo know and love - now available in even more delicious flavours.

Like Kefir?

Yeo Valley Organic Kefir Yogurt

Like Kefir?

Our Kefir is what’s known as a fermented food but what does this mean, and why is it a good thing?

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