Yeo Valley Associates

Yeo Valley Associates exists to help drive the change towards natural and healthy food systems.

Humans are facing three huge threats to our existence on Earth – Climate Breakdown, Biodiversity Loss and a Health Crisis. The industrialised food system contributes massively to all of these; it is responsible for a third of all GHG emissions, global soil degradation, deforestation, agrichemicals, monocultures, ultra-processed food… the list goes on.

We invest to help to build a food system that delivers natural and healthy food to consumers, while regenerating the planet.

We invest in the disrupters

Our investment thesis:

Unlocking Regenerative Agriculture

That helps build healthy soils to fight climate change and providing people with healthy, nutritious food.

Providing Natural and Healthy Food

To nourish our bodies and support environmental stewardship and community well-being.

Building a sustainable food system

That operates within our planetary boundaries and protects the health of people and the planet.

Recent investments

We invest in a diverse range of businesses across the food ecosystem, from farm to fork. Our recent investments include:

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