Organic Vanilla 0% Fat Yogurt

Our deliciously smooth and surprisingly thick 0% fat yogurt combined with crushed vanilla pods is just the ticket for whenever you need a bit of sweetness.

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Customer Reviews


I am sadly very disappointed with the flavour. I find it has a very unpleasant sour lingering aftertaste that I am struggling to get rid of, & I just will not be able to bring myself to finish the rest of pot although I hate wastage. 🙁
I had a craving for Vanilla Yogurt; I usually buy from Lidl possible; & as a rule I avoid ‘Diet’ & 0% fat products like the plague as they are usually a chemical storm.
I am giving this a ‘2’ as it has a nice consistency & is a good natural product in general. I had hoped to find a substitute for my craving, but this is most definitely not for me. Sorry 🙁

Nature lover

I’ve avoided this but gave I. And it’s amazing

Graham Takats
Nature lover, Outdoorsy sort

Perfect for a mid-morning snack

Dion Ratcliffe
Healthy foodie, Sweet tooth

Used for breakfast, perfect way to start the day

Fitness fiend, Healthy foodie, Sweet tooth

It’s really nice and creamy though the after taste is ok I still enjoy it though and recommend it to other adults.

olivia gil
Sweet tooth

I am keen to try all things Yeo and was tempted by this fat-free vanilla yeogurt. Unfortunately, I found it rather too sweet, perhaps because I have recently cut down on sugary foods. The sweetness seemed to detract from the vanilla flavour, which I could barely taste. The yeogurt contains 7% organic sugar, which seems a lot. I think this could be reduced to 5% without compromising the flavour of the yeogurt.

Healthy foodie, Keen cook, Nature lover

Unfortunately this yogurt has too much sugar in, too sweet for me.

Eleanor Chapman
Parent with tots, Fitness fiend, Healthy foodie, Nature lover

The yogurt was lovely and rich. The vanilla was just the right amount leaving the flavour sweet but not too sweet. I kept on wanting more and will definitely get it again.

Dawn Skelton
Sweet tooth

This is the best Vanilla yoghurt ever. Nothing else touches it !!!!

Sylvia Kenna
Healthy foodie

My favourite of all time

Susan Forrester
Baking fiend, Healthy foodie, Keen cook

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