Bunting, blueberries and British Food Fortnight

English Mum is all set for British Food Fortnight.

I recently set myself a little challenge. I did my normal supermarket shop, and then at the end of it, I examined the contents of my trolley to see how thoughtful I’d been whilst shopping. Now, thoughtful might seem like the last thing you need to be while doing the weekly trolley dash, possibly with small people in tow, and 47 other things on your mental ‘to do’ list, but let me explain: do you look at ingredients? Do you take note of where things are made?

Well, it seems like my final score was ‘could try harder’. My bacon was British (I’m a big fan of British bacon – our welfare standards are high and happy pigs make happy bacon), my blueberries were Moroccan (oops), my wine was South African, but my yogurt – our favourite Yeo Valley Lemon Curd Yeogurt? Completely and proudly British!

Yeo Valley are, of course, British through and through: from small beginnings at their little Blagdon dairy, they’re still supporting local dairy farmers and only use 100% British milk to make their beautiful, creamy organic products. This is one reason why Yeo Valley will be supporting British Food Fortnight, which started on 21st September. In fact, Yeo Valley is changing the packaging on some of their ranges to remind us all to shop more thoughtfully by adding a ‘Buy British’ motto. You’ll also find some very British bunting on the packs too!

Because, here’s the thing: without our support, without us choosing that high welfare British bacon and those lovely British yogurts, our farmers will flounder – imported goods are often cheaper (welfare standards are lower, too, as with my bacon) so British Food Fortnight is a great reminder to us all – buying British means better welfare, lower food miles and a boost to our economy too. What’s not to love? Now you’ll have to excuse me, but I have some Moroccan blueberries to return.

Look out for Yeo Valley’s special big pots and 4-packs with the celebratory design and why not pick up your favourite flavour to see how good it tastes eating British.

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