Stir Up Sunday

Enhglish Mum stirs things up!

I love everything to do with Christmas. As far as I’m concerned, once Bonfire Night is over, Christmas planning is ON! Making Christmas pudding is my first job of the season and I love the house smelling so Christmassy.

This year, Stir Up Sunday is 24th November. With Yeo Valley’s Christmas pudding recipe, you’ll need to make a quick start the day before, stir-up Saturday as it were, but it’s a five minute job weighing out the fruit and it does really benefit from an overnight soak.

I read recently that over 90% of families now buy their Christmas puddings. I’m really hoping that isn’t right as it’s such an easy thing to do and so simple to personalise. For example, if you need a gluten-free pudding, you can replace the breadcrumbs and flour with ground almonds and it will still turn out really well. Equally, if there’s any dried fruit you don’t like (for me, it’s candied peel, known in our family as ‘devil’s toenails’) just replace it with equal weight of something else.

When it comes to booze, if you don’t have any brandy, or fancy using something a bit different, that’s fine too. I had a chat with our lovely friend (and wine expert) Tom Forrest from Vinopolis about what booze to use, and he had some really lovely suggestion. I’m a huge fan of Pedro Ximenez and Tom recommends a Pedro from the English Whisky Company (£18) or an Aussie Brown Brothers Muscat Liqueur (about £12). You can also be more traditional and stick to the brandy or whisky, obviously.

Don’t forget that everyone in the household should give the pudding a stir and make a wish – it’s traditional to wish for a massive present for the person who makes the pudding (that’s what I tell my children anyway).

On Christmas Day, just warm some booze gently (vodka flames well), then at the last minute, pour it over the pud and set it alight. A generous drizzle of very cold Yeo Valley single cream, or a dollop of whipped double cream with a dash of rum and a tablespoon of icing sugar would make a welcome addition.

Yeo Valley have lots of tips, a great pudding recipe and videos for Stir Up Sunday. If you’re taking part in Stir Up Sunday with your family this weekend, Yeo Valley would love to see your photos – share them on Instagram with #yeovalley, tweet us @yeovalley or post them on our Facebook page

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