Land Rover Winner 2016

We have a winner from our recent on-pack competition! His name is Peter Fletcher and he recently came to the Valley to collect his prize, a Land Rover Discovery Sport!

Peter came to us from Kingston upon Thames where he lives with his wife and two children. Born near Liverpool, he’s been a Finance Manager supporting the IT organisation within his company for over 15 years!

We were very interested in finding out a bit more about him.

“When I received your first email regarding ‘some exiting news’ my first reaction was to delete it, thinking it was just junk mail! I rarely win any competitions. (I have been doing the football pools for 30 years and not had a single return!) The realisation that such promotions are actually real and that ordinary people do win the prizes, hasn’t only affected me but many of my friends found this most uplifting, even though they are slightly envious.

I’ve been walking round with a huge smile on my face ever since I heard the happy news.”

Peter is a big Yeo Valley fan and really enjoyed coming to see us and learning more about the Valley, “it’s been amazing, Yeo Valley HQ is phenomenal!

I’ve been buying Yeo Valley for the last couple of years. The 0% fat natural is my favourite, it beats the competition hands down for flavour and texture and is easy to find on the supermarket shelf with the large recognisable logo. I should probably congratulate my doctor; they recommended that I start eating 0% fat natural yogurt for health.

When I’m not eating yogurt, I’m a football coach and run a youth team for a local club. I adore listening to music (vinyl, of course! You just don’t get the same experience with digital music) and I love golfing and fishing when the time permits. I’m also a keen supporter of Everton football club.

I must have entered at least 20 Yeokens codes from the Land Rover packs, I would enter them before I started work and my family kept taking the mick, they’d say ‘you won’t win, that doesn’t happen’ and ‘people don’t win these things’. Now that I’ve actually won, it’s consumed the whole family; we’re all over the moon! They want to go round the Surrey hills for a daytrip; they’re all excited to go for a drive!”

Congratulations Peter!

Even though this competition is over, you can still collect Yeokens from many of our packs and enter the Monthly Yeokens Raffle, or, why not give the Fruit Machine a spin? You can find it on the homepage, good luck!

Comments on “Land Rover Winner 2016”

  1. Congratulations to Peter. I ate an awful lot of Yoghurt to try to win this car !
    Perhaps I can trade-in my 89 yeokens for another chance ?

  2. Congratulations Peter – It’s nice to know who wins these type of competitions – wish you and your family many happy hours of driving in it. Watch out for Box Hill!!

  3. Sounds a worthy winner. Good to hear who wins as often people enter major competitions and the winner isn’t made that public. Well done!

  4. Lovely to read about real winners and a background story to their lucky experience

    It would be great to hear who won the second Land Rover

  5. Congratulations – What a prize! (Actually, since discovering Yeo Valley products myself a couple of years ago, I’ve felt like a Winner too! Keep up the great work, Yeo Valley!)

  6. Well Done Peter! Happy motoring.

    Wan’t there a second Land Rover Discovery Sport to be won. Has that been drawn yet?

  7. Well done! BUT . . . . . . . Yeo Valley what fuel does this Land Rovery use? You, as an ethical company must be aware that we are facing catastrophic climate change driven very much by the burning of fossil fuels. The latest news is that we must not take any more oil, coal or gas out of the ground. Second point.we have a huge pollution problem a used by petrol and diesel vehicles. Did you know that 4 thousands deaths per year in the UK are caused indirectly by air pollution not to mention rising asthma levels. So we need to dramatically increase electric vehicles. Power them by solar panels and switch to renewable energy companies. If this Land Rovery is electric, very well done. If not please if you ever run a similar competition offer a climate saving ,emissions free vehicle. There are more and more now on the market.

  8. Lucky Peter! When my car needed open heart surgery this month I kept thinking maybe this time I would be lucky…well shuks…will still buy Yeokens products. ;)

  9. Congratulations Peter! I also entered, in the hope of winning this for my son! But it was lovely to read how chuffed you and your family are to have won the gorgeous Land Rover. Hope you enjoy it, safe driving!

  10. Congratulations !
    That was on my wish list.
    Sounds like you were committed .
    Great result, enjoy.

  11. Congratulations Peter,

    what a fabulous prize I hope you and your family enjoy many happy miles of motoring
    as for me I am off to do another comp!!!!!!!!!

  12. What about the other Landrover that was in the free prize draw each time you lost? By the way I’m delighted for Peter!

  13. It’s great to see and hear a bit about the winners of these competitions. Enjoy every moment. Carol

  14. Well done Peter, what a lucky man you are. Very envious to say the least! Am wondering if the rest of us still have a chance to win the second car in the lucky draw?

  15. congrats, but what of the other winner, I thought there were to be 2 winners, could we hear what happened to that as well?

  16. Congratulations Peter, its good to get feed back as to the winner..I hope you have a great time driving it around.
    I tried so hard to win it for my wonderful hubby. Oh well perhaps next time…

  17. The fact that you live within twelve miles in the same county doesn’t add to my envy at all, congratulations I’ll see you in those hills.

  18. Pleased for you – like to see who won. Let’s hope somebody from Wales wins the 2nd one – our mechanic would go out of business!

  19. This is so great! Peter and his family will have super times in that car. I’m looking forward to the next comp!!

  20. It should have been me! Still, I hope you enjoy it as much as I would have done.

    I still enjoy the yogurts, even without the tingling hope of the new car. ;)

  21. Well done, always good to see who did win the prize. What happened to the second car????

  22. Good luck to the above gentleman. I never win at all but perhaps like you one day ????

  23. very pleased for Peter – my daughter and I entered loads of yeokens?!!!! when will you select the second winner

  24. Very pleased to know somebody has won the Land Rover. I will still buy the YeoValley Natutal Yoghurt. It’s lovely on fresh fruit.
    Look Forward to more competitions.
    Incidentally, The Yeo Apron is very good quality, I have enough Yeokens for another one.

  25. Congratulations and so refreshing to actually find out who has won a competition !

    Who won the second one … competition said there were 2 ??

  26. Congratulations, but as said before, could someone please advise who is the winner of the 2nd Land Rover, so that i can throw my bagful of special tokens away if this prize has also been won, as they are cluttering up my house!

  27. Congratulations,everyone is in it to win it,so I’ll keep trying and I’ll keep eating my favourite yogurts

  28. Well done Peter I am really happy for you and your family, it’s so nice to see a picture of the winner, hope it brings you many many years of happiness and some very happy memories. Best wishes Karen x east sussex

  29. Congratulations Peter on your win really hope you enjoy your new ride, I’m know I’m would, so fair play to you.

  30. Well done and congrats – I hope you enjoy your prize – You make me feel jealous!!!! But Congratulations are in order with a smile for you :)

  31. Who won the second Land Rover? There was a lucky winner along the way and another in a prize draw, as I understood things.

    Did I eat all those Yogurts unnecessarily?

  32. Well done you lucky thing!…..Loved your response to winning because I never win anything either so now live in hope. Don’t suppose I won the second Land Rover you had for grabs Yeo?

  33. Congratulations to the winner, I’m not jealous one bit !!!!
    When is the other car winner being announced ? As there were two discovery’s

  34. Who won the 2nd landrover and the runner up prizes? Wondering when i can throw away my promotional packs for this ;)

  35. Thank you to all the folk who have added their kind words, I am humbled by your congratulations.
    May all of you at some time also have good such good fortune.

  36. Nice to hear who’s won Land Rover 1 – I better look through my junk mail to see if I’m the winner of the second one!! I wish!! Entered loads of vouchers though……

  37. “I should probably congratulate my doctor; they recommended that I start eating 0% fat natural yogurt for heath.” Really? 0%? That’s old fashioned advice! I eat the full fat versions of Yeo Valley products for health. So, who won the other car? And where’s my fat face voucher? ;-)

  38. Well my lid accidently went in the bin so
    maybe I was the second winner ….. just my luck !!

  39. Congratulations Peter,hope you have many hours happy driving with the family. Who won the second car ?

  40. nice to see a winner. Out of interest what happened to the second bonus landRover? Nice fat free Yogurt

  41. Well done Peter.
    Was this the main prize or the second car? Seems to be no mention of the second car on the site!!

  42. Well done to Peter! I like a lot of other Yokens fans would love to know who won the 2nd Land Rover? Or have I missed it somewhere ?

  43. Great to know someone has won. It’s quite possible someone else threw their Land Rover away as I’m sure each vehicle was assigned a specific, unique Yeoken code which then was printed on one of the lids. If that lid went to someone who couldn’t be bothered to enter the competition they’ve effectively binned their Land Rover. Tough, eh!!

  44. Some of you have asked us about the second Land Rover winner so we thought we’d just update you…

    Every promotional pack had a unique code on it so, if every pack code printed was entered, both Land Rovers would have been won. However, in this case, the winning pack code was not entered.

    As we wanted somebody to drive away in a new car regardless of the number of people who entered their codes, we included a Bonus Draw. We are pleased to say that the winner of this was Peter Fletcher, who is now the proud owner of a Land Rover. Of course, we would have been even happier if the other car had been won, but it was a game of chance, and it was not to be this time round.

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